Thursday, July 30, 2009

one person's trash is another person's treasure...

Imagine order to turn your'trash' into 'treasure,' you don't even need a magic wand. Just some time, plastic bags, and a willingness to let go of old things for which you have no more use. I know it's hard to get rid of clothing; you always wonder if you're gonna miss a particular piece. But the truth is, I've never, in my whole history of giving my used clothing to charity, ended up wishing I hadn't, and pining after some top that landed in the bag. In fact, once that sack of clothes goes down the chute, I have a hard time remembering what was in it!
And just look at the neat, orderly stacks of clothing in my drawers. Ahhhh, yes, this is what I longed for. To open up a drawer and see clothing that fits, clothing I love, clothing that makes me feel and look beautiful.

I've spared you all the 'before' photos. They were so jam-packed and messy that I didn't have the guts to reveal their ugliness. Am I sad to see the old clothing go bye-bye? Not really. I know there are people out there who will be so glad to have them.

Come on, do the know you've got clothing to spare!


  1. Always good to go through your stuff and do a clean out - makes you feel a whole lot better. The house looks less cluttered and by giving your things to charity you also feel you have done a good deed!

  2. I am in a HUGE cleaning out mood, too! GREAT post on cleaning out. You are SO right!

  3. I LOVE reading your story on The Bump! Y'all have an amazing story... I love the part about Ramon touching your mother's belly! And the weird part: My husband and I were married on OCTOBER 13, 2007!!!

  4. We're on the same wavelength here. This is a clean up week here, too. Today is my son's turn to give his old clothes and some toys to charity. We usually give everything to our local church and they didtribute them to families in need. This year my MIL's neighbour is sending some parcels to her relatives in Armenia. She visited last month and is still in shock of the poverty she saw. There are two boys, a newly-born and a 2-year-old and my son's 4 and a half.
    Well done to you and everyone else who helps.
    (sorry for the long post :) )

  5. Beautiful story on the Bump...You write so well...and you paint, too! You're all set to write AND illustrate your own stories. You should finish your KiKi children's book for you baby:)

  6. Aw Mug, you are so RIGHT! That's my new motivation...
    Yiota, that sounds so great, it must be nice to know that you are directly helping people. I sometimes wonder where my stuff is ending up!
    Scattering Lupines, what a weird coincidence! OK, we must have some connection going on :) How was your weather that day? We had a little sprinkling of rain, but other than that it was perfect.
    Curious Cat, are you also having a cleaning week? I feel so much better now that my closets and drawers are in order!

  7. Ahh Dawn I loved reading your story on 'The Bump' it was very sweet and nice to hear about your life. I always wondered how you and Ramon met and now I know!

    It is nice to see you are de-cluttering as I love to clean out, renew things and pass them on too. It can be hard work, but the results of de-cluttering are always worth it.

    Morwenna xxx


  8. I love to clean out the closet! I am an organizational freak really.

  9. nnnnnnoooooooohhhh!!! NOT the BEBE top.....

    Just kidding:)
    Yay...clear drawers. Nice. Loving all the clothes you have, priceless.
    I'm facing the same task this month...will bring it all to the Bolinas freebox.
    Maybe rent a storage space instead of 'using' Robert's. Call me, I need to talk.




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