Tuesday, July 28, 2009

shopping spree!

Did some shopping today! I am so sick of my wardrobe, especially because I recently went from wearing xs and children's clothing to wearing medium. It's very frustrating to dig through your drawers and have everything that's clean be too tight. It makes you feel like a whale! With the right fit, I feel like a feminine, beautiful woman again. Here are some pictures of a few of the things I bought:
A new pair of blue jeans; they make me feel ten pounds thinner! And loads of fresh white tank tops of all different styles, from ribbed to lacey. I like to layer them with sweaters or tops.

Above is one of two sweatshirts I bought. The other one is bright yellow with white writing. I love cozy clothing for lounging around in.

Finally, some fresh panties! *sigh of relief* Much needed. Now I can toss out the old ones.

A lovely sweater to make me feel like Rory Gilmore: bookish, timid, and pretty. 

I also bought a few tops, exercise pants, a long gray sweater, and a white nighty much like the one Angelina Jolie wore in the first photos of her with her twin babies. I've always wanted a nighty like that, and plan to wear it when I'm pregant! Oh, and I got hubby a few new shirts. I also picked up sushi and brought it to him at the office; a small 'thank you' for all the great new clothes.


  1. Enjoy your new clothes Dawn! I like the last sweater and the white tops - white tops are fantastic, aren't they? I buy a new white sweater or blouse almost every autumn. It's kind of a habit.

  2. Oh, yes! I love the Gilmores!

  3. DArn. I thought I commented but it didn't show up... BASICALLY, I said, "GREAT STUFF!!!!" I love sweet, pretty panties! I need to check out H&M.... I just hit the end-of-summer sales online and am anxiously awaiting my parcels!

  4. You know, I was wondering after I posted if it was TMI to post a photo of my panties! LOL :) Glad you like them.

  5. Beautiful colors! I love whites, pinks, & soft purples...!
    I agree with Yiota on the white tops...A MUST for any wardrobe....
    And LOve your description of Rory Gilmore..."bookish, timid, and pretty":)

  6. Hey Dawn, I found this blog that I KNOW you'll enjoy.

  7. Yiota, it's beautiful, thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Looks as though you picked up some lovely things and you cannot beat H&M for good value so you can treat yourself to lots of goodies xxx

  9. Exactly, I like to get my basics there; I love the feeling of leaving with two full bags for the same price I would pay for one or two items somewhere else!

  10. such cute stuff! i love h&m!! i was right next to one when i lived in france and i really miss it.



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