Saturday, February 27, 2010

nests in a dozen beautiful ways

With March approaching and the snow melting, birds have begun to once again fill the air with their sweet melodies. The black amsel serenades the melting-sorbet sunset again, and I know spring can't be far away.
I love the intricate weaving and secrecy of nests, and I love the shiny blue or speckled eggs inside.
I went in search of beautiful nests to share with you, and loved what I found.

:: printed card, handmade on peconic bay  ::

:: wedding favor, martha stewart weddings :: cupcake, dahlia bakery  ::

:: felted titmouse couple in handmade nest, gotcrowcreations  on etsy ::

:: nest with truffle-filled eggs, williams-sonoma  :: handblown nest bell jar, williams-sonoma  ::

:: tiny woodland terrarium robin's nest necklace, woodlandbelle  on etsy :: aqua nest tile coaster, robotcandy  on etsy ::

:: modern nest party favor project, country living  :: pussy willow nest project, martha stewart  ::

:: blue bird nest soap set, loveleesoaps  on etsy :: robin egg ornaments in nest, jenniferarndt  on etsy ::

The beauty of it all!
Though, the most lovely of all nests are those built by careful beaks of wild birds.
Those are free....and priceless.

Tonight the moon is so full and round, white and gray in a pastel evening sky.
The earth is sopping wet and so full of promise and potential.
It was so warm on my walk to the grocery store this afternoon that it seemed strange that the trees didn't have their leaves on yet.
All in due time.
So far, I've seen ten wild primulas, two earthworms, and the beginnings of snow drops in a neighbour's yard.
And I brought home the most tender head of bib lettuce....I was no less pleased than I would have been with a giant rose. It's leaves like petals, it's center a fist of delicate crisp folds.
I'm swooning over must be spring!
Right now, in this moment as I sit here writing, there is a bird outside my window singing the most lovely melody as the sky grows dark. I have missed bird song this long winter!
Hubby is picking up chinese take-out.
We're cozying in for the german version of American Idol. It's very entertaining, and we have our contestant who we're hoping and calling for. This is him singing I'll Be There if you're interested!
He's had a hard life, comes from nothing, and is so talented...we hope his dreams come true.

xoxo country girl


  1. oh my goodness, I LOOOOVE nests! I have some around the house, and I love feathers too! These are great photos!

  2. I loved all of those- especially the cupcake!

    All of your posts are so beautiful, so happy I found you!♥

  3. such a lovely group of sweet nests . this collection really brightened my day !

  4. i am 'birdy' over nests, but i think you have out-
    nested me! :)

    love your blog and look forward to many visits.

  5. Lovely nests and birdsies. Nests have always intrigued me too. Wound all around, and twisted, and stuffed with goodies to hold it together. Amazing when you think about it.

    Your country is very beautiful and enchanting.

    Great blog!

  6. These nests, birds and eggs are so adorable. My favorite is the hand felted pair of tiny birds in their little nests. You found so many treasures.

  7. I love all these little nests, and it's funny, because we went bird-watching today, and then we stopped at one of our favorite stores, a place called Nesting, and where I bought a tiny bird's nest and a little bitty toy chick. Too cute!!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend. xo Gigi

  8. I love your nest hunt ... the Peep-looking cupcake one is beyond adorable!

  9. Such a lovely post, i love birds, nests, etsy and your very sweet blog. thank you for all the links, that was a lot of work!
    enjoy your delicious lettuce and the show!
    happy spring (almost!)
    ♥ lori

  10. Hi my sweet..i am late..been at my knitting class and i love it...

    all your nests are everything here...all of it...i do love nests too...have ones that i have found on my walks that have dropped out of a tree in my cookbook wonderful...

    and love the lettuce soft and green and SPRING !

    love to you and Kiki

    kary and buddy

  11. I love everything about birds, their homes and eggs included! Thanks for sharing :)
    It must be spring as I am having a serious love affair with salads at the moment, hot cold, dressed, undressed I just cannot get enough!
    Love Morwenna xo

  12. We are covered in snow (again) this weekend, so seeing all these spring pics is a welcome break. I love the nest from Williams Sonoma. They have had it in their catalog for several years and I too adore it.

    I love winter, but by the end, I am dying to see spring. Here's to hoping and praying it comes soon!


  13. The guys not bad! Love the little pretty and full of sound so happy today - so glad. The sunshine is definitely putting everyone in a much better mood! Come on sun! Stay for a long while now okay?! xxx

  14. This collection of nests is so beautiful and a perfect reminder that spring and new life are on their way. love, Beth



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