Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lower Pastures

"Dear Barbara,
Yes, it takes living to find out what value life has. I think, when we are very young, we dream of everything on such an immense scale. Most of us, as we grow older, gentle the wild ponies of our heart. Then you find, on the lower pastures, the small flowers that are there, and you know the richness of small busy tasks and ordinary living."

-Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow and Sugarbridge

It's back to ordinary life here now that our winter vacation has come to an end. My life changed when I learned to notice the small simple things in life. The sweet smell of fresh laundry as you fold it, hot from the dryer. A small bouquet of fresh flowers for the table. A ripe avocado for breakfast. Watching puppies play and sleep. 

A quiet, uneventful day where all I did was walk the dogs, iron, match up pairs of my husbands 1 million black socks, and cook a nice meal, is a blessed one. Better for nothing in particular to happen than for something bad to happen. So I cherish the every-day. Life on the lower pastures, as Gladys Taber calls it. The cheerful hum of the dishwasher. Sunlight on the bowl of lemons and limes. The postman stomping, smiling, a parcel outstretched, his breath misty puffs as he comes in from the cold. Jack Johnson while I mop the floor.

Yes, I'll take life on the lower pastures any day.

xoxo country girl


  1. Good Morning from Zurich! I had a similar day yesterday - warm laundry, chilly drizzle outside, cozy cup of tea inside. And a dog who needs a walk, rain or shine!

    I keep hearing about Gladys Taber. I think I need to investigate further!

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Dearest Dawn,
    Thank you for the beautiful quote, it really spoke to me and I couldn't agree more, the lower pastures have so much to offer, and every moment is worth cherishing.
    Your day sounds lovely, quiet, calm and simple. I hope to enjoy a day like that tomorrow.
    Wishing you a wonderful day enjoying the small flowers on the lower pastures
    Love Morwenna

  3. I love those days anymore - the ones where nothing much happens and I have the luxury to take pleasure in the small moments. I've found that it's those little happy moments strung together that make for happy life... Your photos are so gorgeous!! Hugs, Silke

  4. It is a beautiful quote...though I fear I am still young and the wild ponies reign...if anything they may be worse...though I do aim to take joy in more simple pleasures...I don't think city living helps...nor knowing where I want to be, what I want to do and who to spend the time

  5. I'm curious what you've drizzled over your lovely avocado here...

  6. Curious Cat: Wild ponies come and go, I think. And it's important that some people follow that. The world needs all kinds!

    Sue: I sure do. Sometimes I think I'm Gladys reborn.

    Courtney: Salt, pepper, lemon juice and tabasco.

  7. This post is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you as always Dawn!
    And I have to say- I love it when you include photos of yourself in your's so lovely to see those moments captured.

  8. that passage is really lovely...thank you for sharing :)

  9. even the wild ponies will meander into the lower pastures for a bit, to sample the sweetness of flowers...

  10. beautiful shots and the simple, simple life. i love it.

  11. Love that quote from Gladys. Something about her writings fill me with such gratitude and comfort. Life is so much richer and wonderful when we take the time to enjoy the small things, just like you mentioned. May you always find the little flowers in the lower meadow.xxoo

  12. Oh what a lovely post...yes..I have definately missed you I love this quote by Gladys and agree...I too love the lower pastures.

    xoxo Gert

  13. What a beautiful quotation. I haven't come across Gladys Taber before. I often think it is a shame that many of us have forgotten how to live simply, and take pleasure in the little things. Lovely photos too.

  14. I've been bathing my mind and heart in Gladys Taber. Lovely post!

  15. My favorite breakfast you got there:)
    Happy lower pasture days for a swell life!

  16. It is like you have so eloquently written the thoughts in my very own head the past week when I have been back in the 'normal' routine.

    Life in the lower pastures will be good this year - for I am determined.

    Thank you for making me smile this Saturday afternoon.

  17. ...this just makes me HAPPY, my sweet friend

    yes...same as us here...just enjoying the simple things of life...and doing it with sweet, sweet loving little boy.

    love to you today, dawn...

    kary and teddy



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