Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Days

Hello! Happy new year!

2012 ended quietly for us. We were sick throughout the holidays, holed up in our home, fighting a virus, all the way through the new year. 

Now we are healthy and strong again, enjoying the freshly fallen snow and the coziness indoors. January as it should be.

Rafael is thriving. Communicating, laughing, playing, observing, learning, and loving (I get so many kisses every day!). Daily life with him is what keeps me from blogging more often. I am deeply involved in being his mother. And it's a beautiful thing.

As it always is in January, I have the longing for a clean slate at home. Once I clear up the Christmas decorations, the first thing I like to do is buy flowers and candles. This week it was pink anemones and a green tea scented candle. I also found these two little house-shaped lanterns, which glow next to the framed ultrasound photo of our Blueberry

I am enjoying the normalcy and simplicity that January brings. Meeting up with friends who were away for the holidays. Marking birthdays and playdates on my 2013 calendar and envisioning what this year might hold. Rushing to the window early in the mornings with Raffi to watch the big orange snowplow clearing the path across the river from our home. Cooking our simple lunches and eating them side by side, feeling satisfaction when Rafael gobbles up big portions of broccoli, rice and chicken. Naps cuddled up together, and Raffi waking me up with kisses and saying the 'sentence' that he repeats a hundred times a day: "Mama, Papa, Kiki." 

I hope you are all feeling good about this gift we have been given...a new year. A fresh set of four seasons. 12 months in which we will learn, grow, and get to know ourselves even more.



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