Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Days

Hello! Happy new year!

2012 ended quietly for us. We were sick throughout the holidays, holed up in our home, fighting a virus, all the way through the new year. 

Now we are healthy and strong again, enjoying the freshly fallen snow and the coziness indoors. January as it should be.

Rafael is thriving. Communicating, laughing, playing, observing, learning, and loving (I get so many kisses every day!). Daily life with him is what keeps me from blogging more often. I am deeply involved in being his mother. And it's a beautiful thing.

As it always is in January, I have the longing for a clean slate at home. Once I clear up the Christmas decorations, the first thing I like to do is buy flowers and candles. This week it was pink anemones and a green tea scented candle. I also found these two little house-shaped lanterns, which glow next to the framed ultrasound photo of our Blueberry

I am enjoying the normalcy and simplicity that January brings. Meeting up with friends who were away for the holidays. Marking birthdays and playdates on my 2013 calendar and envisioning what this year might hold. Rushing to the window early in the mornings with Raffi to watch the big orange snowplow clearing the path across the river from our home. Cooking our simple lunches and eating them side by side, feeling satisfaction when Rafael gobbles up big portions of broccoli, rice and chicken. Naps cuddled up together, and Raffi waking me up with kisses and saying the 'sentence' that he repeats a hundred times a day: "Mama, Papa, Kiki." 

I hope you are all feeling good about this gift we have been given...a new year. A fresh set of four seasons. 12 months in which we will learn, grow, and get to know ourselves even more.



  1. I'm glad to hear from you & hear you're doing well!! I love your posts as always :) I also love the fresh start of a new year and all the promise it holds!

    isn't it funny the things our little ones think about and say? As soon as Rowan wakes up EVERY morning he points to something and says, "Wassat?!" (what's that?!) :) silly.

  2. Happy New Year Dawn! So glad that all of you are feeling better. Rafael looks adorable in his little snow suit, and his pj's. Enjoy your moments with your little one, they do go real fast. Wishing you all a very blessed new years.

  3. Happy New Year! What a shame that you were all ill over the holiday. Being a mother is a very time consuming occupation but very rewarding too. I'm not surprised that you don't have much time for blogging:)

  4. Happy New Year to you, look at him walking and i love his hat and the winter photographs

  5. Lovely to see you in my Reader. This post is a delight from beginning to end.

    We were sick over the holidays too - but the difference is, I had no little one to care for. I'm sure it was a tough time; glad to read you are all healthy again.

  6. It's always nice to spend time with your children even if they are all grown up. The feeling is there! I spent my winter holiday with my 30 years old daughter and her sweet dachsund Matilda and we spent our mornings indulging in breakfast chats, not caring about the time passing,laughing and relaxing. The time I spend with my children is always first quality. Unfortunately I get to see my older boy rarelysince he lives in London. But I get visiting him too. You will always feel wonderful when you you'll be with your dearest. That's the pleasure to be a mom! Happy new year!

  7. Happy New Year to you, Dawn. The photo of Rafael laying on his side reading one of his books made me chuckle -- something about the position he's in and the way his leg is bent just looks so cute! I'll bet he is such fun. It's obvious how much you enjoy being his mother and you sound very happy. Have a great year and enjoy all the small moments -- they mean so much.

  8. I'll read it this afternoon buon anno Dawn and let Carla know please I'd like to know if she is on FB or twitter
    ciao Mada

  9. Happy New Year Dawn! I have missed you soooo much, but certainly understand! As you know we have a "Great" that is about Rafeal's age and I know she keeps her Mommy busy also! Learning, loving and enjoying a new life!!

    Love the photos of course! You are amazing my friend!


  10. Thank you for taking us so close to your beautiful heart Dawn!

  11. I'm so happy you are all feeling well, Dawn, and that you're able to find some time to write. I've missed reading about Raffi latest, seeing his beautiful photos, and your thoughts and insights into life's precious moments. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed 2013.

    So. CA

  12. Happy New Year! It's so good to see you are happy and well again.

    "May you be blessed with walls for the wind. A roof for the rain. A warm cup of tea by the fire. Laughter to cheer you. Those you love near you. AND ALL THAT YOUR HEART MAY DESIRE." Irish Blessing

    May 2013 be your best yet! K-L x

  13. Lovely to see you!!! :) Rafael looks so sweet! I can't believe you have snow too! Wow - and a lot! Here it is sunny and a bit windy...but that is Spain for you! Happy New Year! xxx

  14. Little Cappucetto Rosso in the wood! Wow!

  15. Gorgeous photos as always :)

    And never worry if mothering is what makes blogging or anything else scarce. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be doing?

    Happy 2013!
    jen at themamayears.com

  16. Happy new year to you & your little family Dawn! So glad you are both feeling much better now. Your blog is in my top 3 favorites I love your pictures and to hear a little about your lifestyle. However I do agree what better reason to not being able to update a blog then being so busy being a Mother! I know you are doing just this but keep making sure that every tiny minute counts because I know it sounds like a cliche but it goes so fast and before you know it you will be helping Rafael to fill in his first driving licence form! Just as I was yesterday for my "little" boy.
    Take care Dawn and please know that when you do update your blog it is always worth the wait as you always have something amazing/interesting to show or tell us! Love Nina xx

  17. I guess you are not blogging anymore but wanted to leave a note that I throughly enjoyed your site. Wishing your little family the best!

  18. "Mama, Papa, Kiki."

    Oh, so sweet!

    Sounds like you and Raffi are enjoying the best parts of winter.

    Take care,

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  21. Hello Dawn,

    I found your blog this past summer and have been stunned by the beauty of your photographs every time you post them. It is a joy to hear about your ups and downs, your passions, your walks, and your adventures as a mother. I have two little boys of my own, and hearing from your heart makes me feel so close to you. And I don't even know you, so it's silly that I feel that way! Anyway, I wanted to write to wish you a lovely new year, filled with joy and peace. I hope that it has been a good winter so far.

    We hope to hear from you soon, though it's hard to imagine how you could possibly find the time. Being a mother is all-consuming.

    Many blessings,

  22. Miss your writing, Dawn!
    Hope everything is okay and you 3 are happy and healthy!
    Grüße, Kathi

  23. Missing you Dawn! Just checking in! Raffi is getting so big! That red hat! Too darling. Take care, say hello soon xoxo

  24. Miss your blog posts, Dawn. What's going on??

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  27. I just came across your blog and this post. It truly spoke to me as I experienced the exact thing about 5 months ago. It feels like yesterday. Thank you for putting your words down so truthfully. Your little boy is just gorgeous and I hope to have my own one day!



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