Sunday, February 24, 2013

All Is Well

Please don't be worried, friends and readers. All is well. We are snowed in most of the time...playing with pull-toys and cars, reading books while we lean against the heater, drinking cocoa and taking fifteen minutes to get ready each time we venture outside into the white, cold world. We are cuddling, dealing with tantrums, laughing, learning new words. Meeting with friends. Sitting in a circle at music group every Tuesday. Eating little meals (a lot of it lands on the floor) and looking at pictures from summer on my iphone together.

In short....we're just living life.

I got an amazing camera for my birthday and haven't yet had the chance to use it.

I will soon. And when I do, you will all be the first to know!

I love you all. I'll be back soon. I hope. :) 

If not...please just know, we're OK, and I miss you.



  1. It is so good to read a post from you, Dawn! Enjoy these days!

  2. Hi Dawn, so nice to hear from you, so glad you are enjoying life. Hope to hear again from you soon.


  3. Nice to hear from u and we miss u Dawn . Mary

  4. Missing you but happy you are cuddling with your nice family,best of love!
    mamma carla

  5. He's getting so big...and active!!! Enjoy the beautiful and much needed snow...

    May it blanket all the drought-stricken parts of the world...
    Joann in CO

  6. Always good to hear from you! Can't wait to see what you shoot with the new lens!

  7. So glad all is well!!!! Spring is just around the corner. I am sure you will be using your new camera around March 21st to start to photograph the changing season.

    Thanks for the news. Always glad to hear from you!!!!

  8. Yes indeed it is a busy time. Spring is so close.
    Enjoy living!

  9. Oh this little one is so adorable :-).

    Glad you are keeping safe :-)

  10. I was so happy to find your post today, Dawn! Good to be able to read that all is well! Enjoy these winter day with Raffi. I can just imagine all the warm and cozy meals you make for your family. Looking forward to seeing photos from your new camera!
    xxxJudy in CA

  11. Good to hear Dawn! Have been checking in on you regularly and it is lovely to hear that all is well. Look forward to seeing pictures of your winter wonderland soon! hxxx

  12. Your weather sounds like ours. I cannot wait for spring! I'll even settle for a full week of bright sunshine along with the snow.

    Raffi has grown so much! He's sprouting right up.:)

    Glad to hear you are doing well,

  13. Good to hear everyone is well. I am so glad we do not have snow!

  14. Dawn.. It was so good to read this post! And glad you guys are all ok! 😊

    Stay warm and remember Spring is just around the corner! đŸŒ·


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