Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preview Of Our New Nest

I hope your Thanksgiving was a festive, joyful celebration, with loads of good eats and good company!

I couldn't believe it when the handyman who has been working on our apartment actually finished. The next morning when I walked into our living room, I felt the most delicious happiness! There was nothing more to do. Everything was in it's place, and everything was perfect.

I took my camera and went from room to room, taking pictures and admiring the calm, quiet beauty of order. Utter satisfaction.

Here's a picture of our dining table. It's just a little preview of the mother and her boyfriend arrived from America today and we stayed up late, talking and laughing, so I'm very tired in a happy way now, but wanted to share this pic before heading to bed.

We are constantly commenting on how much space we have now. We got rid of so many belongings, and I've been revelling in the feeling of having only what we need and love. Sweet simplicity.

We're still waiting on our new linen couch, two barstools, and curtains. But other than that, we're DONE!

More photos to come...

Sending love,

xoxo country girl

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm just leaving a quick note to tell you all that I miss you, and I miss my blog, and I miss having the time to write. 

The apartment is coming along wonderfully, though it seems like it's taking FOREVER. I wonder when I will be able to confidently take photos of our new home and share them? I'm guessing at Christmas time. 

It's getting colder, and I am waiting for the first snow with the heart of a child. I just adore the first snow. One dear reader asked, "You get snow in Australia?" This mistake has been made many times. I live in AUSTRIA, Europe. And yes, we definitely get snow here in Austria! :)

So sorry I can't stay...must rush off. But I hope you all know I am thinking of you and looking forward to being able to post regularly and at length. 


xoxo country girl


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Is Humble

On cold, rainy mornings, the dogs are the last ones to get out of bed. Here they are, watching my husband get ready for work. Don't they look like they are thinking, "What's this guy doing? It's clearly a day for staying in bed."

Later when the clouds cleared we headed out into the woods, where all the leaves have fallen and have formed ankle-deep drifts of red and brown. I spied the last of the asters and mushrooms and thought about how these things will soon be covered in thick blankets of snow. Everything will look white and blank, but underneath, there is still life, dormant, waiting for the thaw.

November is humble, unassuming. Earthy tones and glistening fallen leaves. Globes of mistletoe and bird's nests in tree tops. As Gladys Taber said, "The leaves are down...we see more sky." Isn't that an optimistic view on things? 

I've been so busy with our new home and my etsy shop, the dogs and household. Life. But I wanted to share a few photographs of that walk along a muddy path, in the solitude of the forest. I was so consumed by it's quiet beauty.

As hectic as life is right now, I take the time every day to be with Nature. I have the dogs to thank for that, I truly do. 

missing you all,

xoxo country girl



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