Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Is Humble

On cold, rainy mornings, the dogs are the last ones to get out of bed. Here they are, watching my husband get ready for work. Don't they look like they are thinking, "What's this guy doing? It's clearly a day for staying in bed."

Later when the clouds cleared we headed out into the woods, where all the leaves have fallen and have formed ankle-deep drifts of red and brown. I spied the last of the asters and mushrooms and thought about how these things will soon be covered in thick blankets of snow. Everything will look white and blank, but underneath, there is still life, dormant, waiting for the thaw.

November is humble, unassuming. Earthy tones and glistening fallen leaves. Globes of mistletoe and bird's nests in tree tops. As Gladys Taber said, "The leaves are down...we see more sky." Isn't that an optimistic view on things? 

I've been so busy with our new home and my etsy shop, the dogs and household. Life. But I wanted to share a few photographs of that walk along a muddy path, in the solitude of the forest. I was so consumed by it's quiet beauty.

As hectic as life is right now, I take the time every day to be with Nature. I have the dogs to thank for that, I truly do. 

missing you all,

xoxo country girl



  1. Lovely to have a post from you, dearest Dawn. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous doggies. Miss you too! xoxo Rachel

  2. i love that picture of the pups...they look so cozy...and your fall pics are are you!! :) thanks for keeping us posted on your busy life..we miss you too and hope you are doing well during this transition! ><> blessings!

  3. great photos dawn :) and i just love that quote, what a great outlook on the fall! boston and kiki look like they've been friends forever now :)

  4. beautiful photos and i love your dark hair:). i can't wait to see how the new home is coming along. i miss you!! hope you're well this november:).



  5. Beautiful post Dawn. Your dogs are adorable ♥

  6. hello my sweet friend...checking in to see how the new home is going...looks like kiki and boston have settled right in...oh, dawn...they are beyond adorable...they must bring you so much joy and does teddy for me and john...who can live life without a dog? i do not know.

    the pictures of the trees are just are you.

    thinking of you, ramon, kiki and boston....and sending our love,
    kary and teddy

  7. The photos are beautiful as always, I never tire of seeing your nature shots and look forward to home sweet home shots! You get snow in Austrailia?

  8. Lovely to see your pretty face and the cute dogs! I love all your photos...missed you too! xxx

  9. Oh Dawn...I miss you too and was so excited to see you on again:) Love the pictures, your puppies are just darling as if they were posing beautifully for their picture!! Of course YOUR picture is the are so pretty!!! And look so happy....

    Hope to see you on line again soon....

    xoxo Gert

  10. I've missed you!
    Love this update- you have so much going on right now. And that photo of you- you look stunning, beautiful as always.

  11. Wow Dawn
    You look sooooooo beautiful!!!
    Love the self portrait and look forward to hopefully shoot some pics of you while visiting in two weeks.
    Kiki and Boston are the best.

  12. Wow, such beauty. Thanks for sharing and happy November. It looks like winter here.

  13. So good to see a new post, Dawn! Isn't nature wonderful?! Just love all your photos and I hope things are coming along with your new home! Sending love, Sherry

  14. I'm happy to find your gentle blog. Your dogs are lovely and I had to gaze at them in admiration for QUITE a while! Do CKC spaniels like to sleep a lot? I have seen a cavoodle that was peppy but adorable. I need a dog!

  15. Beautiful! I can only imagine how serene it would be living with nature like that. I'm so tired of the city lights, and most especially the noise.

    I LOVE your furkids, by the way. They're very photogenic.




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