Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Crafting Party

I had three mommy friends over for an afternoon of Easter crafting yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs and Raffi was teething horribly, even though I captured this one smile of his on camera. He was so clingy and tearful that I didn't manage to craft a single thing, besides frosting some chocolate cupcakes. But it was still fun having my girls over, and they managed to make a few things: Neli made brownie-filled eggs, Steffi made bunny bunting, and Dani took the chance to make finger puppets, although they didn't have an Easter theme.

I was close to tears by the end of it, only because Rafael was having such a hard time and there was nothing I could really do to comfort him. But besides that, it was so nice to have friends over, fellow mommies who understand about a crying baby and understand that sometimes you just need to take your baby to the bedroom even if you have guests over.

Afterwards we all agreed that we should get together for crafts more often, ideally once a month. It's so nice to sit around a table and talk, share, create.

I'm planning on making my bunny bunting and also some cupcake flags while Rafael is sleeping over the next couple of days, as it is the only realistic chance. I'll share them with you when they are done!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am writing this in a very sleep-deprived state. The past few nights have been rough and I finally know why: Rafael's first tooth made it's appearance this morning. And we are both exhausted! 

He was whiney and clingy all day. I tried meeting other mommy friends at a cafè for a change of pace but he was screaming and crying for most of it. When we got home he nursed and slept. I keep hoping he isn't in too much pain. I give him homeopathic globulis and a numbing gel. 

It's amazing to slide my finger along his bottom gum and feel that tiny sharp edge of a tooth poking out where there used to be smooth skin. My little baby is growing up!

I know this must sound clichè, but even on the toughest, most tiring days, there are moments of pure loving bliss. Here we are, in one such moment, on the sunny terrace.

I'm off to bed now, wondering how the night will be. But knowing that, even if I hardly get a wink of sleep, in the morning the light will filter through the window onto my baby's face, and I will look at his cheeks and eyes and tiny button nose, and remember that he is the miracle that I longed for with all my might. And he'll look at me, and recognize me, and need me and love me. And that makes up for all the lost sleep. 

There will be plenty of time to sleep later in life. 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bits Of Our Spring Home

Today the sun was shining brightly in a robins-egg blue sky. The perfect day to spread Easter and spring around the home.

It's funny: I've never really been excited about spring or Easter as far as decorating or celebrating goes. But for some reason, this year it's different. This may or may not have something to do with Pinterest.

So this morning on our walk through the woods I gathered branches that were already sprouting tender green leaves, and put them in a vase where I hung them with little ceramic eggs (hanging decorative eggs onto branches is a tradition here in Austria at Easter time). I found a fallen bird's nest a little while ago which I nestled in the branches and filled with tiny speckled quail eggs. A few years back I watercolored two blown eggs, and I placed these in egg cups.

Even though Rafael insisted on being held most of the morning, I somehow managed to bake up chocolate cupcakes for an Easter party we've been invited to. The dogs dozed on the sunny couch, and our home felt so bright and cheerful with all the green and pink.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 Days A Week 8, and Six Month Growth Update

Sometimes I'll watch Rafael, doing his own thing, talking to himself, looking at his hands or out the window, and it will hit me: this little boy is is own person, and doesn't belong to me, even though it tends to feels that way. He has a life story stretched before him, all his own, with trials and tribulations, joys and lessons, adventures and so many, many things to see and experience. In those moments, looking at this being who is less of a quiet observer and more of an active individual with each passing day, I am overcome with the blessing of every moment that I am able to spend with him. There will come a time when I'm not the center of his universe anymore. He will be a grown man, with so many people and things in his life, and I will just be a small part of it, though I hope still an important and happy part. So, for now, I am deeply grateful for this time, being so close to him; being his clown, his comfort, his hero, his provider, his guide, his cheerleader, his biggest fan.

Ramon joined Rafael and me on a trip to Vienna for a bit of shopping last week. We took the train, and Raffi got so excited looking out of the train window at the world speeding by. He was giddy and rosy-cheeked, bouncing and screeching. Then, suddenly, and for the first time, he began playing peek-a-boo with me. He (a bit clumsily) dropped his head to my chest and brought it back up. "Kuck-kuck!" I said, which is the German version of 'peek-a-boo.' He grinned. And repeated it. And repeated it. And repeated it. Ramon and I were fascinated and also somewhat shocked....our baby was playing with us! He had actually payed attention and learned from all those times I hid my face and then popped it out crying 'Kuck-kuck!' Now, about once a day, he'll suddenly decide to play peek-a-boo with me, and my heart is bursting every time he buries his face into my chest and then swings it back up, waiting for me to say, 'Kuck-kuck!'


P.S. Look what I was up to today, two years's fun to go back in time! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Twinkling Moments

A few weeks ago, there was a very special email waiting for me in my flikr mailbox. It was from a woman in India named Niru. She wrote that she has been reading this blog for a long time now, and finally wanted to get in touch and introduce herself, because she felt we have so much in common. A lovely line of correspondence followed, and she also led me to her gorgeous blog, which features photographs of her bright, serene home, as well as Indian architecture and people. She shares quotes which touch her and moments from her charmed life. I'd like to invite you to visit my new friend Niru's precious corner of the blog world! Here, at Twinkling Moments


Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 Days A Week, 7

Friday is missing because we were busy celebrating Raffi's 1/2 birthday. Thank you for all of your sweet congratulations!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rafael Turns 6 Months!

We celebrated Rafael's 1/2 birthday this Friday! I strung up paper bunting, and baked a delicious Black Magic cake. Ramon made a big bowl of pasta salad, and plates of little finger sandwiches. There were colorful bright tulips and sweet-smelling hyacinth. Plump babies being bounced by loving mommies, and daddies talking about computers and sports. Laughter and smiles between friends and family.

But mind kept going back to the thought, that I have been blessed so immensely to be holding this boy in my arms. To have been given six amazing, transforming months with this tiny, growing, curious, innocent, beautiful person, who looks at me with so much love and admiration that it makes my heart race.

Every day with my boy is sprinkled with so many instances of pure love. And it is my greatest hope that I am given the gift of many, many more!

Thank you God, Universe, The Powers That Be, for the most amazing blessing in my life.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harbingers Of Spring

What a glorious day we had. The sun shone, birds sang, and there were little signs of spring all along our walk, if you were careful enough to look closely. I even saw the first sprouts of wild garlic. It won't be long now, and everything will be covered in green!

Our little Rafael has a fever, we're guessing it's due to teething. But besides being a bit more tired than usual, he's been in a good mood all day. He just loves the weekend, when his Papa is home. He was allowed to watch some skiing with his Daddy today, because when you are sick, you are allowed to do everything.

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you find little inklings of spring where you are, too!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Rafael's Half-Year Party Invitation

Rafael is turning 6 months next week. I can't help but want to celebrate his health, growth, and existance with a little party!

It will be small and sweet with a few other mommies and babies, maybe even some daddies.

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bright Beautiful Things

The day started out so beautifully. Sunshine poured into our home and I snapped photos of the daisies and daffodils and played with Raffi in his colorful little world. He is discovering his feet these past few days as you can see in the last picture.

All of a sudden, Rafael started crying, screaming, and then throwing up. I rushed him to the doctor and it seems he had a reaction to the strawberry-applesauce he had in the morning. He was tired and weepy the rest of the day, clinging to me, but is sleeping soundly now.

It's amazing how a day with a baby can hold a little of everything: play, laughter, fear, exhaustion.

I hope he will sleep deep and wake up tomorrow refreshed and healthy, ready for a new day of discovery.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 Days A Week, 6

jumpsuit: H&M

Starry pyjamas: gift from Morwenna

t-shirt: Old Navy :: jeans: H&M

outfit: Old Navy

sweater and khakis: H&M

Can I just swoon for a moment about how much fun this little boy is? How lucky I feel to be his mama? How much we make each other laugh? How much love and adoration fills the looks we give each other?    Whatever ideas I had about being a mother before, it is even more amazing now that it is a reality.

A new week begins tomorrow...another week with my Honey Bunny Sweet Potato, which is his official name around here. Every day with him is so precious.

Don't you think he has grown since the first 5 Days A Week post?

Thank you all for your understanding and patience while parenting takes priority in my life.



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