Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Walk In The March Woods

Yes, the days are longer and the skies are blue. March is here, beckoning spring, new beginnings, warmth, and glorious sunshine. This morning there was a distinct color palette: blue, grey, camel, and brown.

On our walk we spotted two tree trunks with freshly hewn woodpecker homes. Can you spot them? I've noticed over the years that woodpecker homes have two holes, one above the other. In the first photograph of a woodpecker home, there is only one, but above that hole, you can see the beginning of another. I love watching things like that progress every day on my walks.

I wondered while I was pregnant: would I be able to blog once my baby was here? Would I be able to keep in touch with friends, remember birthdays, and manage to give my friends and family members the attention they deserve? The first couple of months of Rafael's life, when he slept a lot, I thought, No problem! And now, since about two months, I've been struggling with the guilt and realization that: No, it's not the same, and it's not possible to keep up with friendships and blogging the way I had hoped I could. There are too many new things Rafael shows me every day, and I don't want to miss a minute of it. Not to mention all of the every-day tasks which I must fit into the moments in between when I get the chance. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I'll go online and zone out on Pinterest, because I don't need to think to do that. Meanwhile, I feel guilty that I am not responding to lovely emails, or writing thank you notes for kind gifts and letters. Hopefully I will learn how to balance my life more sufficiently, and in the meantime, I hope my friends (that includes all of you!) will have some understanding for my situation.

On a more happy note, I've made friends with two other mothers with boys the same age as Rafael. We meet regularly for walks and visits to each other's homes. We hope our three boys will go to kindergarten together, and, essentially, grow up together. You can't plan these things, but it would be wonderful.

Wishing you all sunny days! I'll be back tomorrow with Rafael's week in pictures, something I am determined to keep up.


P.S. We are somewhat baffled by Rafael's eyes. What color are they? Ramon has brown, I have blue. It seems Raffi has a mix of both if that is possible. What do you think?


  1. I remember when my niece was a baby, if my sister didn't have a shirt on with baby spit-up on it, she was doing good. LOL So, we all understand your time constraints and appreciate the pictures you post.

    Love the picture of Raffi and Ramon, really sweet.

    We have blue eyes with a touch of brown, like Raffi, in our family. We always thought when the strong blue eyed gene met the strong brown eyed gene, neither one was giving up! His eyes certainly are beautiful.:)

    Take care,

  2. In that lovely close-up shot of Rafael, I noticed his eyes and wondered if their color was changing to brown. They are beautiful eyes, and he has such a cute mouth! Enjoy every day with him, and don't fret too much about all the other stuff.

  3. Raffi's gaze, in the both the pictures, seem so intense. Guess he'll grow into an observant and deep-thinking young man someday :)
    Especially like the father-son capture, so beautiful!
    Glad to hear about your other mommy friends, it sure must be fun; getting together and brewing up those dreams:) Please feel free to enjoy these moments that life's presenting to you without worrying about other things. It's understood that your life at present is meant to largely revolve around just one soul - your son. All else will fall into place gradually. We are just happy to share in your happiness and delight over raffi's weekly updates, that you so untiringly post here.


  4. Don't worry Dawn, when life gets busy you do stop writing but it is always here...whenever you get the time. Don't do it if it feels like a chore but we'll still be here! xxx

  5. The art and love of blogging is no stressing, we all can relate and will wait for each new post with understanding! Raffi's eyes are beautiful, a combo of his parents: priceless!!

  6. Dear Dawn,

    Don't worry we are still here and understand how challenging it is to balance everything. Regarding adorable Raffi's eye color. If Ramon has a recessive gene of blue but has brown eyes you could have child with blue eyes. Both my boys have bluish eye color, one more green blue and other grey blue. Hubby has light brown and I have blue. Raffi's brown eyes are beautiful and will probably stay that way.
    Love to see your walks and how sweet Raffi looks all bundled up. Love to you and your family.

  7. I have the same color of eyes and I have been told by many that I have hazel eyes. When I wear blue clothing, they look more blue. When I wear browns and reds, they look more brownish, sometimes golden brown.

  8. Love the glimpse of spring beginning! My father's eyes are dark brown and my mom's are blue: Gigi and I both got greeny-hazel eyes out of it :) A perfect mix! It's amazing how parents' genetic traits get mixed up and reassembled in babies, isn't it?

  9. Hi Dawn, as much as I look forward to your posts, I also understand about being a new mom. No one can blame you for not wanting to miss out on anything, especially since they grow so fast, so enjoy every minute with your adorable son.

    My daughter had blue eyes for the first few months, then they turned a light green, and I remember asking her doctor if they were going to stay that way (my husband and my dad both have light green eyes). She said that yes, they should stay that way, but after her second birthday, they turned a more hazel color, and depending on what she is wearing, they might look more green. It's too early to tell what Rafael's eye color will be, so I won't try to guess, but either way, he is one adorable little boy, and the older he gets, the more I see you in him.

  10. They are a mix, but they also can still change....they're almost grey.....they're beautiful and they see the life you're giving him

  11. Blogging is so interesting. I find that sometimes I have nothing to say, while other weeks, I just want to share everything. Sometimes I'm too busy to take pictures and write and take care of the kids and myself...that's when I go absent for a while...but it's always there for you when you want to come back to it.
    Don't worry too much about with children is all about finding balance and enjoying the moment.
    As for his gorgeous eyes..hmmm...they seem like a dark rich stormy grey. They are beautiful!
    Hope you are well my dear! xox

  12. I love these pictures! So glad you are able to revel and immerse yourself in these moments with your son. Blogging is seasonal, I think, or often should be. -kate



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