Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 Days A Week, 5

onesie with cars: H&M :: navy blue sweatpants: baby Gap

hooded sweater and jeans: H&M

hooded sweatshirt and corduroy pants: H&M :: curious charlie doll: quill and ink handmade

sweatsuit: H&M

fire truck onesie: H&M

Rafael discovered some new things this week: how to screech loudly to hear his own voice; how to stick out his tongue; and his reflection in the glass door of the oven.

We traded in the carrycot for the stroller seat on his Teutonia because he was getting too big for it. But he is still lying flat and facing me.

Raffi eats two solid meals a day now. He loves butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, and apple. When I am holding him and take a drink of water, he pulls the glass to his mouth and insists on a sip. 

He is learning how to sit on his own, though this will probably take a little while longer.

He has rolled over twice from belly to back.

He has made two new 'friends,' Tobias (2 1/2 months old) and Florian (5 months old).

He is full of smiles and laughter, only getting grumpy when he is tired or hungry. And he still only wakes up once in the night, between 11 pm and 1 am.

On another note: Ramon and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary today! Thirteen years ago today we fell in love. I was 18, and didn't even believe in love back then. He proved me wrong.

So, I'm not only thinking about how blessed I am, but how blessed little Rafael is, to have parents who love each other so much and are so committed to one another, and to their family.



  1. auguri and congratulations for your anniversario and for your simpaticissimo Rafael of course

    ciao Mada

  2. Congratulations for your anniversary.Your family is an inspiration!

  3. He is so adorable. I love the photos. A wonderful journal.

  4. This post really touches my heart. A family starts with the love between a husband and wife.

    Raffi is sure growing in stature and in love.


  5. Happy Anniversary! Such a great milestone, for both parents, and little Rafael! Enjoy your day.


  6. I'm enjoying your weekly recaps and updates on Raffi's development. He is precious. It is very obvious how happy you are.

  7. What a sweetie he is and so well dressed! And congratulations on 13 years! What a blessing that is for you & Ramon, and for Rafael too!
    On a totally different note.... I had a dream about you last night! I dreamt that you invited me and someone else over for tea and dessert and that you were living in Vermont. It was all very strange (surreal) but nice! Maybe some day!

  8. What a beautiful family for love to dwell in...
    Happy Anniversary to you and Ramon!
    I ♡ tuesday

    Love Niru

  9. Oh wow, what a wonderful post! Rafael looks way grown's hard to believe he is a tiny tiny tot...he ahs such a big presence on the photos. So interested in learning and I'm in LOVE!
    Thank you so much for doing these posts with all the news and details. It's so great to be so close living so far away.
    can't wait to see you guys...Love YOU

  10. Beautiful boy! I have followed your story for about six months now, and just want to encourage you one mother to another (four boys ages 19-27) to hold on to your positive outlook... even when the going gets rough... and as you already know, it does sometimes. Your optimism and gratitude are an inspiration for many young (and not so young!) moms. Thank you.

    I would also like to encourage you to consider including some nutrient dense foods in Raffi's diet, along with the fruits and veggies. Liver is a wonderful food for babies, and in fact is the first food many African mothers offer their weanlings. Pastured egg yolk is also deeply nourishing. Only foods like this can come close to offering the nutrients available in mother's milk. I look forward to seeing him continue to grow stronger and more handsome in your weekly photo journal.


  11. Sweet, sweet gorgeous little baby boy. You are so blessed. Enjoy every special moment. You deserve all the best.

  12. What a wonderful child!You wrote of things beautiful and very sweet.there is nothing more beautiful than two people in love so much.:)

  13. He's just a little love bug!:) Congratulations on your anniversary! That's a long time, especially considering your ages. It gives you both a lot of history together to help support your relationship, which is sometimes rare in our world today.

    Have a good weekend,



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