Saturday, February 11, 2012

31-My Worst and Best Birthday

Here I am, today, 31 years old plus one day.

Yesterday it was my birthday and nothing much happened. No party, no guests, not even a cake. I actually had a pretty horrible day. 

At some point I sat (more like curled up in a ball) on Rafael's reading nook, and felt like crying. Then I saw Raffi playing with his baby gym, and it hit me: This is my worst, and best birthday. Because even though I felt alone and somewhat unloved, it was my first birthday with Rafael in my life. And that is the greatest blessing ever.

In the evening Ramon came home from work with a huge bouquet of roses. After telling him that my day had been a big disappointment, we decided that Saturday would be my birthday instead. 

So today, he made me a french toast breakfast. We took a lovely walk in the snowy forest. We enjoyed the day with our funny little man and our crazy dogs. It was great.

I would love to that you are an adult, how do you celebrate your birthday? Do you plan something yourself? Does someone (your partner, a best friend) plan something for you? Do you stay in? Do you go out? 

Thank you as always for your friendship and good company. Here's to another year in my blessed life. And it is...truly...blessed.



  1. Happy Birthday! I have had some birthdays just like the one you had. I'm so glad you got to have a great after-birthday birthday!

    I usually ask my hubby to make me my favorite meal for dinner and that's about it. It's so nice to have someone else do the cooking!

  2. I wished you a happy day on FB, hope you saw it! Birthdays after children tend to get lost, it's all about them, which is ok but just make sure you realize there's no "worst" birthdays, there all good so celebrate any way you can!!! Happy birthday again!!!

  3. I'm so sorry your birthday was such a bummer. You are both probably exhausted with the new baby and the time to plan something just got away from him. Growing up, our holidays/birthdays were always feast or famine. So, I do try to do nice things now for my loved ones. Otherwise, especially as adults, the days just drag on without enough meaning, but it takes effort. Doesn't always take a lot of money, but it does take effort. I do plan things for myself around my birthday too, not a party but something I want to do. And I also look at where I am in my life and see what I want to change and deeply appreciate what I love about my life too. You have a lot to deeply appreciate this year.:)

    Can I leave a little note for Ramon?

    Hi Ramon,

    We think you're a great husband and father. Dawn raves about you and we can certainly see why. Being a new Mom and all, she is probably really stressed. How about surprising her with a day out... a little shopping, lunching, or maybe a manicure or pedicure with a friend? You could watch the baby and then surprise her with a bubble bath surrounded by candles when she comes home. Just a thought to make her feel better after a crummy birthday.

  4. LOL I forgot to leave my name!!

    Wishing you all the best, Dawn,

  5. Dear Dawn,
    Happy Birthday to a beautiful, beautiful woman!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday dear Dawn. Each new day is a gift, a day to celebrate the lives we have been blessed with. I have enjoyed getting to know you since before little Raffi blessed your life and am enjoying the ongoing love story between the three of you.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  7. Dear Dawn,
    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope the celebration on Saturday (it is Sunday now where you are!) was a better day for you! You look beautiful!

  8. Hi !! Dawn Happy Birthday !!!!!You look beautiful in those pictures ..:) happy belated birthday and enjoy your birthday celebration ok :)

    Hugs Mary Chicago IL

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Dawn! You look really lovely in those wintery and warm. So nice! Regarding my birthday: this has been my trick since I had Sophie. I make a BIG DEAL out of birthdays. All of them. My own, Daddy's, other relatives, friends, etc. It's contagious. Now Sophie LOVES birthdays and makes a huge deal out of them, including mine! Hee hee. Sneaky, huh? She knows my birthday is in April so she starts nagging Daddy to make plans about a month before. It's fabulous. A few more years and Raffi might be doing the same....

  10. My dear friend, happy birthday.
    I'm sorry your birthday wasn't the big deal the it should have been. I've had some disappointing birthdays over the past few years but I decided long ago that I would make sure that I made my birthday into something special. One year I invited everyone to my place for a potluck dinner and basically hosted my own party ( I loved it that way).
    The way I see it is that now that I am a mom, it's my job to make the kids birthdays special, so I might as well make my birthday special too. That sometimes means dropping hints to hubbies, making sure there is a cake to celebrate with and buying myself flowers. If I take matters into my own hands, then I know I won't be disappointed. For my 29th birthday I bought myself one special thing that I knew was something that only I would buy for was a sweet cake bunting from a certain Kiki la Rue Etsy shop ;o)
    I hope your birthday had a turn around my dear, it's not too late to go a splurge on something special for yourself. xoxo hugs to you

  11. btw, you are stunning in those pics! xox

  12. I'll give you something to be glad about in the Pollyanna way . . . you can be so sososososo glad no one gave you a surprise party!!! I always wished for one, all my life, then a few years ago, I got one -- a big one. It was the scariest moment of my life! I had NO idea, did not expect it at all, was SHOCKED -- Rachel and Paul were even there, it was in California! Sharon was the trickster that actually drove me to the "party" -- I thought we were going out to dinner, just the four of us. I could not put two and two together and didn't even figure out what it WAS for the first two hours. When I got there, I stood just staring into the room, all these people in one place, and from everywhere, I couldn't move. I had a vision of myself actually leaving my body, going around behind myself, and kicking my hiney into the room!!! So, your beautiful serenity shining through your young and clean face, as clean as the cold, was so wonderful. Happy Happy Birthday dear Dawn! xoxo

  13. Happy birthday, Dawn! I'm glad Saturday was a better day for you. In January I celebrated my birthday. Every year I take the day off from work. I always look forward to my birthday so in my mind it is a positive experience before it even arrives. I do whatever I feel like, no pressure. Sometimes I get a massage, usually we go out for dinner. This year, my husband took half a day off from work too! We ate lunch out then went bowling. It was a blast! And this year, my husband made me a cake, which was very special.

  14. buon compleanno Dawn!!!! once I had so many expectations for my birthday it ended sweeping out water from our garage at midnight during a huge storm ..... my husband told me "You see something has happened before the day was passed?" I have no expectations now and every sweetness from anyone is a big surprise
    ciao Mada

  15. Happy happy birthday Dawn! You are probably worried for tomorrow...don't be.Everything is going to be allright. I'll remember you in my prayers <3. And let us know please.

  16. Belated Happy Birthday hun! Glad Ramon fixed it for you! I hope you are happy and cheerful. I usually throw a big party on my birthday but lately I've grown a little lazy. This year I turn 30 though so I will try and make an effort otherwise I will feel glum! xxx

  17. Oh Dawn...I'm so sorry to have missed your birthday. So...Happy Late Birthday...Just look at how long your birthday wishes are I know there are times when I'm forgotten too...but that is when I think like you, of all the blessings I have!

    Sweetness my friend,

    PS Tell Ramon ...good job with the

  18. Happy belated birthday! My birthday falls on a very unfortunate day, and I'm always wondering what to do. I can understand you feeling alone, beacause I do too. We try to do something special (brunch or an early dinner out) since my husband is often away in the evening and friends are always busy doing something else, but it usually feels like any other day. I'm glad you had a wonderful day after all!

  19. I'm a single empty nester now, but even with children and spouse in the picture, I would always have my private celebration of my one year older. I buy myself a special present. Many times, take the day off work and get all pampered. I light as many tea light candles as my birthday years in the bathroom and have a lovely ritual bath to wash away the past year of hurts and any wrong doings that I or others might have caused my soul. That day is when I sit down and take stock of the past year and set goals for the next. I find that even if others aren't celebrating the day as I think a "queen" should be treated on her special day. I have, and that is the most important present that we can give ourselves.

    You are a queen Dawn and please, oh please make sure that next year you throw yourself a little private party! xo Diane

  20. Diane...what a fantastic ritual, I love it!

    Thank you so much, everyone, for your sweet birthday wishes! I appreciate you all so much!!


  21. Happy Belated! I'm sorry your day didn't turn out as you might have hoped, but think of all the other blessings in your life... like your little baby boy! A birthday cake couldn't even begin to compare to him :-) ♥

  22. Happy thirty first, you are stunning and you radiate a light that i identify in your kind words always. I have been there to many times to count.I have also experienced that bittersweet good and bad. having rafael there is special and that somehow you saw that when you needed to. i often ask for a redo. your saturday sounded perfect.



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