Monday, February 6, 2012

A Love Snippet

Yesterday we were braving the extreme cold in the woods, pushing Rafael in his stroller, and Ramon said, "When we get home I want a croissant with Nutella, and a glass of milk. And I'm going to sit on the couch and watch the ski race."

When we got home, he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I took Rafael with me to the kitchen, fed the dogs, and then saw the paper bakery bag with the croissants in it.

I put one on a plate, placed the Nutella jar, a napkin, and a butter knife next to it, and filled a glass with milk. When I brought it to Ramon, his eyes were big.

"To what do I owe this treatment? I don't think you've served me anything in ten years!" (This isn't true of course, but I have to admit that, since having Rafael, I'm not quite as good at pampering my husband.)

He smeared the croissant with Nutella and started eating. Big flakes of buttery pastry started sprinkling down everywhere. At first I thought of reprimanding him, but then the little dust buster caught my eye. I grabbed it and started vacuuming his chest and thighs. We both laughed.

He said, "I wish we would have more moments like this."

And I said, "We will. We'll have a whole lifetime of them."

So, as you can see, Valentine's Day came early to our home.

And I was reminded: husbands need attention, just like doggies and babies do.



  1. Darling story!! Happy week, dear friend...your BIRTHDAY week!! xoxo

  2. And so it goes... it is just the little things that really matter to those that we love the most. Happy birthday coming up as well!!

  3. so sweet :) hope all is well, rafael is just the cutest! thinking of you all and his little heart <3

  4. Yes, it is true! I've often heard from husbands complaining about being forgotten once the baby arrived. Glad to hear yours appreciated your little thoughtfulness. Have a happy birthday!

  5. they SO do:). They need attention just like the little guys do, it's so easy to forget them sometimes, poor things;). Happy birthday weekend! I hope your boys treat you well:). xox, Blair

  6. How sweet. Yes, yes, yes. ♥

  7. Oh yes, so very true! And Nutella sounds so good. I bought my first jar a few weeks ago and it didn't last long! It's downright addictive.

  8. It's so important to make time and effort in our marriages isn't it? I remember not having any time for "us" when Noah was born and then when he turned around 16 months we started to get babysitters and started to get out for dates now and then. Now we are back to being full-time parents and we don't have much time for our relationship. I hope that will change soon. I guess it can happen in the little things right? Movies at nights at home.
    Glad you are finding little ways to show your appreciation for one another. It's so important.



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