Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 Days A Week, Week 4

sweater: baby Gap :: jeans: H&M :: train toy: Haba

entire outfit: H&M :: crocheted toadstool rattle (my favorite of Raffi's toys): little haiti pebble toys (a gift from Morwenna)

ribbed shirt: C&A :: wool leggings: H&M :: teething toy: Sophie The Giraffe

plaid shirt: baby Gap :: vest: and pants: H&M :: wooden beeping car: Selecta

knit jumpsuit: baby Gap :: wooden teether: Haba

Hello my friends!

Here's another post featuring Rafael throughout the week. It's become such a great ritual. Probably the most special part about it is that, when Ramon comes home, I have a picture to show him of his son from that day. Sometimes I shoot a little video to show him, too, and I always make sure to tell him about anything new Rafael has done.

Today Raffi was having a hard day, which meant we had a hard day. He's teething and had a light fever. It seemed no matter what he was doing...sitting, being held, playing, wasn't what he wanted. After a nap in the stroller this afternoon, he was doing a little bit better, and as always, bath time made him happy. There are moments when I get frustrated, and feel tired, and just wish he would play happily for a little while, so I could have a break from carrying and bouncing and comforting. But those moments pass, and hard days pass, too, and at the end of the day, when he is falling asleep, smelling of honey and baby, so warm and plump, I could care less what kind of a day it's been. Also, I always remember that he isn't being like this to annoy or exhaust me....he is uncomfortable or in pain, and doesn't have to words to tell me what's hurting or bothering him. Really, he's much worse off than I am in those situations.

This past Friday the handyman was here and helped me build together and install a few things for Rafael's room. It's not all complete yet, but it's coming together so nicely. I am really looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend!



  1. Hi Dawn, your little man looks so adorable in his little outfits, I especially love Thursday's picture, he looks so serious, it's too cute! So sorry to hear that he is teething, I remember those times, they were tough, but I remember something a friend had told me to do to ease the discomfort a little, just wet a towel enough to make it damp, put it in the freezer for a few minutes, and then let him chew on it. Supposedly, the cold eases the discomfort. I hope this helps him a little. Can't wait to see how his room turns out!

  2. Dear Dawn,
    Oh, I love that cheeky grin from Friday! :-)

  3. Oh Dawn...He is 'adoreable'!!! I love all those outfits, especially the ones with the sweaters. He looks like he is all grown up! smile...

    We had our 6 month old 'great-granddaughter' here today.. What a joy that was!!

    Blessings my friend.

  4. Sorry to hear the little guy's under the weather. Teething can be horrible.:( I know some don't believe in it, but we did use over-the-counter baby pain relievers. Hope he feels better soon!

    Looking forward to seeing the room,

  5. Wow it's so amazing to read and see and receive these posts Dawn, thank you so much. I love you with all my Heart and am so so so proud of matter what...I hope you don't think that you have to be perfect or can't share the pain and angst, it's part of being human...but it really is so wonderful to read youe attitude and how you lift out of the challenges. A real trooper and role model. mom



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