Monday, February 20, 2012

Five Dirty Secrets About Me

1. I buy and read In Touch.

I know, it's terrible. I always think, "Next week I'll be a better person and won't buy this ridiculous magazine." Then Thursday rolls around and I see those stars and those headlines and I can't resist. I can't really explain why. But it feels like a mini vacation for my brain.

2. I like horror movies.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated by horror movies. My best friend and I would secretly rent scary movies that scared the bejeesus out of us to the point where we couldn't sleep and were plagued with nightmares. Many years later I fell in love with and married a man who likes watching scary movies just like me. I love heartwarming films like Cranford, The Notebook, and The Fox And The Girl, but I also love nail-biting, shiver-inducing flicks like The Ring, Insidious, and What Lies Beneath. 

3. I spend too much time on the internet.

When Rafael goes to sleep at 7, and Ramon and I have eaten dinner, one of the first things I do is go online. I visit other people's blogs, search for great things on Etsy, and, mostly, get lost in the addictive, fantastic world of Pinterest. I know I could be using that time to get crafty and artistic, read a meaningful book, or even meditate. But at the end of the day, all I want to do is relax and escape, and the internet is such a perfect place to do that.

4. I use my fingers to add.

I've always been horrible at math. To this day, I still have to use my fingers to add. And even then, I don't always get the right equation. Embarrassing but true. 

5. I have a cleaning lady. 

She comes every Friday for two hours and makes me so, so, so happy.

P.S. I shared these dirty secrets purely for the sake of hearing that I'm not alone in these things!



  1. No. 5 the cleaning lady sounds like a dream, a good dream.

  2. you have started
    !. I long for a cleaning
    2. I hungar for a sweet after our lunch (and hit the candy bowl if there isn't a dessert..)
    3. I spend way too much time on the internet...doing about the same as you. Love to play WORD with my friends.
    4. Now that I'm retired I almost dread to fix my hair everyday!!

    Blessings dear friend...hug Little Rafael for me..

  3. I'm with you on number 4. I've always been better at writing/language skills than math. And regarding number 3, I think many people spend too much time on the Internet. Pinterest is addictive, for sure.

  4. Dear Dawn,
    I hope one day that you will have time to visit my blog!
    Thank you for sharing these things that you, will you share your cleaning lady? ;-)

  5. I have a subscription to People magazine. I also spend too much time on the internet. I don't like scary movies, but I do love trash reality shows. I have to sing the alphabet when i'm trying to come up with a letter or what letter is next and I use a calculator to add/subtract. You are not alone girl --- and your "dirty secrets" are sweet and honest. Thanks for sharing! What a fun surprise today and to be honest, makes me like you even more!!! **Your friend in WI ><>

  6. Dawn, you are too funny! And no, you are not the only one who likes those things. My husband and I both love In touch, or any gossipy magazine, yes, they are mini brain vacations. I used to love scary movies, but they kept me up at night, till this day, even with my husband sleeping next to me, I can't watch any scary movies...I need to get up and use the bathroom too much, its WAY too scary! Your blog is one of the first ones I check on every day, which I do when my kids are asleep or at school :) Please don't get me started on the math, all I have to say is I married an accountant for a reason. As for the cleaning lady, would love to have one, but I'm a clean freak, so I would need her every single day!!!

    Love to have learned all this from you! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I read People almost weekly. I'm good at math, but suk at spelling. Wait, that's not right:).... I'm really bad at spelling, really bad. When I write Raffi's name in my comments, I check it to make sure I'm spelling it right, like every time. I'm not even going to attempt his full name because I would destroy it. And don't feel bad about having help. I love the sound of the mower running... because it means I'm not on it. LOL


  8. cute post!
    I may have to join in for fun.
    I would LOVE to have a cleaning lady and think it's wonderful that you do. Life is short...who wants to spend it washing the floors?
    As for scary movies... I just can't. I get these horrible visuals long after the movie is over and I let my imagination run's horrible.
    Hope you are having a great week so far xox

  9. Don't worry! you are not alone there!!!!

  10. I clean for a living so I don't blame you there and the internet is a relaxing place!! I too count on my fingers and I used to read those tabloids weekly, till Princess Diana was killed, in fault by the press, so I gave them up right then and there!

  11. Not alone...just on your own a lot. I LOve that you post on this blog and also started to get the hang on was like a mediation, especially looking at your boards, they are soooo cool.
    Cleaning lady? Bot I wished I could have help with my floors and windows's great for your health and like Sue says, a nice living for some peeps who made it a carrier helping to keep spaces clean. Whwn I lived out in the boondocks separate from your dad, I cleaned a wonderful ladies house and learned so much from her.Cooked for her too and helped entertain guests.
    Thanks for your fun honest living and sharing it with us. mom

  12. I count on my fingers as well. I could never do math in my head. I was always in advanced math and couldn't figure out how people did that. My fingers were a going under my desk! LOL!

    I love it that you have a cleaning lady. You need it as a new mom. What a lovely treat!

    Scary movies! I am so impressed! You have courage, my dear. I can't watch them. They rerun in my head all day and night. eek!

    I too love, love, love Pinterest.

    My dirty little secret? I invoke the Parking Fairy every time I pull into a parking lot. It works 99 percent of the time.

  13. Haha- thanks for sharing your secrets:). I am the same on all of the above... with the exception of the horror movies. And I always pre-clean before my cleaning lady comes, so she doesn't think I'm a messy pig:). Do you do the same?

    Have a good week!

    xox, B

  14. Oh my God, Blair, I do the SAME THING. And usually, I clean along side her while she's here.

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  16. I love scary movies.
    I am addicted to fashion magazines, although I always swear not to buy them next month.
    My problem is Facebook, not Pintrest but I'm working on it.
    I have a horrible time going to bed before midnight!
    I also have a cleaning lady! And love her to bits! ;)
    Thanks for sharing... you are not alone.

  17. You're just darling!!! Really, you are.

  18. Ahah this is sooo funny!Applies to me:)Thank you for sharing your secrets with us!I also use my fingers because in maths I was never good!

  19. I saw your question on SB's site..... The anniversary they celebrate is the anniversary of their first date. She's talked it before, I don't know why she didn't answer your question. They met in the fall, but their first date was in the winter. She talks about their first date in her dedication to Joe in her Autumn book. They are not married.


  20. I would love to have a cleaning lady coming to my house but have to do all the cleaning stuff myself ...
    Great blog!

  21. I totally relate to numbers 3 & 4 and seriously am wanting a number 5 :) I found your blog through Oh, hello Friend, and am happy to have!



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