Monday, October 29, 2012

The Second Snow: Lots Of It!

We were surprised to wake up to so much snow this morning. It's an interesting sight, branches with leaves still on them, heavy with snow. All the roof tops were white, and the snow was so thick that I couldn't take the stroller into the woods, so I walked the dogs around town. 

Rafael refused to wear his mittens, and could only be soothed with an apple. He looked so curiously at the snow; I can't wait to see him play in it for the first time!

I have such great readers....I love coming here and reading the notes you leave me, feeling connected to wonderful women around the world. 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

The First Snow

When we woke up this morning, the bright light coming through the closed curtains made me wonder. "I think it snowed," I said to Ramon. "No," he said, disbelieving. I swept the curtains aside, and sure enough, everything outside was dusted in white. I brought Rafael over to the window in his knit jammies, and he stared, smiling. He didn't know what snow is, but he knew that the world outside looked different, and he seemed excited about it.

After breakfast, we layered up and took our morning walk with the dogs in the woods. The forest road looked like frosted carrot cake, all orange and white. Rafael had his traditional apple....I've discovered that it keeps him happy on our walks, gnawing on or even just holding an apple. He was quiet, looking at the trees and leaves. He gets so meditative and still that you have to tickle him or scratch his head to get him to smile for the camera. 

The snow melted by the end of the day, but it was beautiful while it lasted. And I thought to myself, I wish all people loved fall and winter like I do, and didn't complain about the cold. That would be so nice. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

On A Misty Autumn Day

Temperatures have dropped and everything is wet with thick mist. The weather reports are predicting snow this weekend. It's officially time for bundling up in layers and throwing on waterproof boots. 

This morning we invited friends over for a pancake breakfast. Afterwards we all headed into the woods for some fresh air. The sound of swishing and crunching leaves under our feet was so loud that we could hardly hear each other talk. Much of the golden and red leaves have fallen and formed a thick carpet on the the countdown is on for that day that comes every year, when the wind blows fierce and sends all the last leaves swirling into winter. 

I love this winding down and bundling up. Thinking of Christmas. Feeling that chill in the air. This is the time of year when nature grows quiet, while streets, stores, and homes begin to decorate and celebrate. Such a familiar and charming combination. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Every Hundredth Of A Second

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
- Marc Riboud

I am savoring these autumn days, intensely. Taking many, many pictures. I had to delete things from my computer to make room for more photographs. I am addicted to capturing the beauty that nature is displaying.

My mother leaves us tomorrow; it was a great visit, as we bounced around the woods, parks, farms, and zoo. Now things will go back to a more quiet rhythm, and cold weather is on the way. There may even be a first snow fall on the weekend. Autumn always seems so incredibly short, and I try to take it all in before winter closes in, when I face another year of waiting for the next fall foliage.

I have so many more autumn shots to share with you. Soon!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

We've Seen Forests, We've Seen Farms

My mother is visiting, and the past few days together have been beautiful. We've visited forests and farm animals, and I've taken such lovely photos to share with you all! However, as you can imagine, evenings are spent talking for long hours, enjoying this time together, sharing thoughts, dreams, memories. After all, we only see each other once a year. So, blog posts with all of these photos will have to wait a little bit. But I think of you all while I am out and about, thinking how I can't wait to show you all this breath taking autumn splendor. 

The photo above was taken this afternoon, by my mother and I, pushing Rafael in his buggy, walking down a path in Lainzer Park. Just a tiny speck of a taste of the lush beauty we've been basking in these days.

More to come very soon! Thank you for your patience!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Deep In The October Woods

Toadstools, salamanders, and fallen leaves. So many hidden treasures today, deep in the October woods. Rafael has been in the forest with my every day since he was a tiny baby and is very patient when I stop the stroller to search the sides of the path for mushrooms and such. 

It was a clear blue sunny day, but on the evening walk with the dogs the wind was sharp and cold, restlessly swirling leaves up into the air. It gets dark early now, and we walk down the quiet village streets as lights go on in the windows of the houses we pass. It's a funny feeling, walking down the still dark road, while there are conversations being had and dinners being made inside the warmth of the homes. 

Thank you, as always, for joining me here, and for leaving such kind notes.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn In Town

Fog settled in over this little town, which always turns me into a quiet observer, taking in the old houses, bright leaves, and church tower; the mushrooms at the farmer's market, piled into wooden crates, echoing the color of the foliage; clusters of grapes, fading but still so pretty on pink vines;  Rafael, with his first pair of shoes on, crawling through fallen leaves at the playground (I almost cried when I saw him wearing's all going so fast). 

Our days are combinations of playing on a spread out blanket on the living room floor, where it's cozy and warm, and bundling up for walks in the cold fresh air. 

I keep thinking about how much easier cold weather will be when Raffi knows how to draw, or you can really read him a book; when he can play with play doh, or watch a Winnie The Pooh dvd. When he's able to talk, and can stir cookie dough batter. Then I remind myself: everything is perfect the way it is right now. I need to enjoy this time, this age, this phase, exactly how it is. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Days

Lately, whether rainy or sunny, the temperature is dropping, and today it got dark at 6:30. At this time of year, the changes are so noticeable. And the colder the nights are, the brighter the leaves become. 

Yesterday we finally returned to the weekly playgroup in the local parish community center. We are a group of about ten mothers, and we meet for two hours every Monday afternoon. The children run around and play while we chat and drink coffee. There are cookies, crackers, fruit and juice. Rafael is one of the youngest in the group, and watches the older kids with big eyes. The smell of the building reminds me of a library...slightly musty and sweet. It's a smell I like. It makes me think of the movie Never Ending Story, where Bastian is holed up in the school attic, reading his book, surrounded by boxes of old things. We talk about pediatricians, in laws, kindergartens; but most of all our children. It feels like a very natural and even essential thing to do as a mother: meet with and talk to other mothers. I always look forward to Mondays. 

Rafael and I have discovered how much fun playgrounds are. There is such a cute one just down the block from us, right next to the kindergarten he will go to when he turns three. He is still too little for most of the constructions, but he loves climbing up the slide and then sliding down on his back or belly, and going on the swing. Playing with the mulch and leaves is fun too, of course. It's such a relief to be able to go outside and explore, after over a week of what felt like being in a quarantine at home, sick with the flu. And it's such a great feeling to find new ways of making Rafael happy; sharing new experiences with him, watching him blossom with each new discovery.



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