Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October's First Colors

Rafael didn't have a fever this morning, so I bundled him up and we walked the dogs together. I was surprised how much the foliage had advanced since I had last taken a walk. I brought my camera along to capture some of October's very first autumn colors.

This young maple is the first tree to be bright yellow each year.

These vines are the brightest red of all.

My long-term reader will recognize this sight...these houses tucked into the hillside. I just love this picture in every season. You can see it here in this frosty winter post.

Entering the forest, I turned back to get a shot of the road, just barely gilded with gold.

How's my little boy? 
He needs cheering up.
Maybe this autumn branch will help...

Yeah, that helped a little.

And how are the doggies?
They have new haircuts!

Boston, that's rude.

I almost stepped on this gorgeous caterpillar. Isn't nature incredible? I picked him up with a stick and put him on the side of the path.

Soon this road will be all red, yellow, and brown.

And there, on the opposite hillside, you can see the lovely beginnings of fall.

Hope you are all well and enjoying these first days of October!


P.S. Thank you for all of your get-well wishes! We are on the road to recovery.


  1. WOW, that caterpillar is amazing!!! Glad to hear Rafael is feeling better....hope he's feeling 100% again soon. Now we have illness here but hope we can head out on our own walk soon! I love Fall and look forward to all of your Fall Nature walks. XOXO

  2. Wow!!! Im so jealous!! I hope you will continue to show us more. AND THAT BABY BOY IS SO HANDSOME!! Glad yall are feeling better. Musta been that soup!!!

  3. I love the curly hair on the dogs' ears. Growing up, our first dog had that too, and she had the same coloring as KiKi. They are so adorable.:)

    And I agree, Tina, that baby boy is so handsome!!

    Happy fall!

  4. Fall in your country is Soooo beautiful! I just love your photos - they are so full of life and joy. :)

  5. Gorgeous fall pictures! It's good that you and Raffi are both improving.

  6. so beautiful! And Raffi's eyes... I love those eyes.... grey/brown/hazel :O)
    Fall has come and gone here in the Yukon :O( the trees are now bare and like you saw in my most recent post, we had snow yesterday. Most of it is gone, but there is still a dusting on our front lawn

  7. Beautiful photos as always - Boston looks like a puppy still in those photos! Love the doggies! :) And your little boy just gets bigger and more cute every day -it is astonishing! xxx

  8. Lovely photos, as always. Rafael is gorgeous! ♥

  9. Awesome photography.Thanks for the posts. Great blog.

  10. How fun! And I love his hat and your scarf! Your pups are always SO cute! They are always so pretty and cleaned up too ;) sometimes my boys can look a little worse for the wear!



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