Monday, October 29, 2012

The Second Snow: Lots Of It!

We were surprised to wake up to so much snow this morning. It's an interesting sight, branches with leaves still on them, heavy with snow. All the roof tops were white, and the snow was so thick that I couldn't take the stroller into the woods, so I walked the dogs around town. 

Rafael refused to wear his mittens, and could only be soothed with an apple. He looked so curiously at the snow; I can't wait to see him play in it for the first time!

I have such great readers....I love coming here and reading the notes you leave me, feeling connected to wonderful women around the world. 



  1. I just recently discovered your blog. What a beautiful world you live in! I haven't read back far enough yet to see whether or not you tell more of your story, but so interesting that you started where you did and ended up where you are.

    1. Welcome Vada! You can read a little about me under 'About Country Girl' up under my blog header.
      Thanks so much for your visit!
      xo Dawn

  2. Dawn, it is a distinct pleasure to follow your blog! The snow gives everything such a pretty covering. The mountains about an hour or so away expect a multi-inch snowfall overnight. We rarely have snow where we are. Raffi could do lots worse than an apple for a "security blanket.":) Such a healthy choice! You are doing a marvelous job introducing him to all the wonder around him. Hugs, Nellie

  3. You know you can't eat an apple with mittens on!! Lol! So cute.

    What will he do when he is able to get in a good dose of snow! My granddaughter is 5 and has never had that experience! Heck my grown boys haven't either!

    Beautiful. God is amazin with the things He allows us to be a part of.

  4. oh so much snow!
    Last year Noah refused to wear his mittens all winter.. in the Yukon!!! I had to sew his mittens to his snow suit so that it wasn't an option. xox
    Looks lovely!

  5. Just beautiful, I can only dream of snow here ( in San Diego)... Enjoy
    Ciao for now....

  6. how beautiful to be enveloped in the beauty of snow. i always dream of it and hope to someday experience its magic. thank you for this special treat, dawn. hope you and raffi have a beautiful winter ahead!

  7. Rafael with the apple in the snow! This is a memorable sight!

  8. You really do take some wondrous photos! Plus you live in a gorgeous place! :) Not snowing here in Spain yet but it has grown rather nippy! My mum is also visiting soon! xxx

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  10. You live in such a beautiful fairy-tale village, and can soak up the joys of each fairy-tale season! Thanks so much for sharing your photos, Dawn! I'm in California, so must feel the thrill of fall (my favorite time of year)....and winter....through you.

  11. I'm still waiting to catch my breath...gorgeous!

  12. This is my favorite picture of your son, mittens off, thoughtfully weighing the whiteness around him.

  13. It's really early for a snowfall - hope it isn't a sign of things to come! I'm sure Rafael will love the snow though he doesn't look terribly impressed in the photo:)



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