Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Days

Lately, whether rainy or sunny, the temperature is dropping, and today it got dark at 6:30. At this time of year, the changes are so noticeable. And the colder the nights are, the brighter the leaves become. 

Yesterday we finally returned to the weekly playgroup in the local parish community center. We are a group of about ten mothers, and we meet for two hours every Monday afternoon. The children run around and play while we chat and drink coffee. There are cookies, crackers, fruit and juice. Rafael is one of the youngest in the group, and watches the older kids with big eyes. The smell of the building reminds me of a library...slightly musty and sweet. It's a smell I like. It makes me think of the movie Never Ending Story, where Bastian is holed up in the school attic, reading his book, surrounded by boxes of old things. We talk about pediatricians, in laws, kindergartens; but most of all our children. It feels like a very natural and even essential thing to do as a mother: meet with and talk to other mothers. I always look forward to Mondays. 

Rafael and I have discovered how much fun playgrounds are. There is such a cute one just down the block from us, right next to the kindergarten he will go to when he turns three. He is still too little for most of the constructions, but he loves climbing up the slide and then sliding down on his back or belly, and going on the swing. Playing with the mulch and leaves is fun too, of course. It's such a relief to be able to go outside and explore, after over a week of what felt like being in a quarantine at home, sick with the flu. And it's such a great feeling to find new ways of making Rafael happy; sharing new experiences with him, watching him blossom with each new discovery.



  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the colour of your scarf. It matches the colours of autumn perfectly.

  2. I never get tired of seeing pictures of Rafael, he is too adorable, and has the sweetest smile. I am so glad that you have found a mommy support group, I used to have my son in one, and I remember how fun it was for all of us, especially the kids, since he was the only baby in the family, and this was his only chance to play with kids his age. I am truly astounded by the beauty you are surrounded in, love all the colors.

  3. Hi Dawn here In Chicago we r having a cold front. The trees are every color. Your pictures are beautiful did u had a haircut? You look really Nice have a great day Mary

  4. You live in such beauty..and you capture it all on film!


  5. Spending time with other mothers of young children is valuable for you, Dawn. Such good fellowship can be had! It's good for Raffi to watch the other children, although he may be too young to join in on some of the activity.

    The pictures are wonderful! It makes me wish I were there!:)

  6. Happy to see that you have such lovely Fall colours now.
    Spending time with other mamas is so vital to survival! Glad you've found a nice group to meet with.

  7. I'll think of you and Raffi on Monday afternoons at your play group. Have extra fun for me!:)


    Did you knit Raffi's hat and your scarf? They are adorable.

    1. Hi Elise! Both Raffi's hat and my scarf were purchased on Etsy.

  8. Fall is extra special seen through the eyes of a child!! Just wondering if Raffi likes shoes? I always see him in socks? lol

  9. Your pictures are amazing! And I am jealous you get to live in Austria. I've visited there, and it took my breath away. I hope to return again someday. And I can't end without saying your son is a beautiful boy! What a precious gift from God. I just came across your blog and am loving it. ;)

  10. Raffi sure is enjoying the playground. He is adorable and growing fast.

  11. Dawn, today when I read your latest entry and I came across the line ...The forest road looked like a frosted carrot cake, all orange and white...I just had to tell you how blessed I feel to have found your blog over a year ago! I am a big fan of your writing...the content and the style! My bookshelf is outfitted with Hal Borland, EB White,Edwin Way Teale, Susan Branch...and I'm hopeful someday you can add a book to that collection! You have a fine sense of capturing the seasons! Blessing to you and your family:)



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