Sunday, October 14, 2012

Deep In The October Woods

Toadstools, salamanders, and fallen leaves. So many hidden treasures today, deep in the October woods. Rafael has been in the forest with my every day since he was a tiny baby and is very patient when I stop the stroller to search the sides of the path for mushrooms and such. 

It was a clear blue sunny day, but on the evening walk with the dogs the wind was sharp and cold, restlessly swirling leaves up into the air. It gets dark early now, and we walk down the quiet village streets as lights go on in the windows of the houses we pass. It's a funny feeling, walking down the still dark road, while there are conversations being had and dinners being made inside the warmth of the homes. 

Thank you, as always, for joining me here, and for leaving such kind notes.



  1. Oh Dawn you take the most magical photos! You see so much beauty all around you! Bless you!

    PS Rafael is adorable!

  2. The mushrooms look gorgeous! It's strange... the scenery you show in your photos is so different from mine. It's so apparent how the season/month differs from county to country!
    kisses to Raphael, the youngest forest explorer!

  3. Extraordinary pictures, Dawn, of your walk in the woods. Raffi will have a real appreciation of the outdoors.

  4. I always enjoy your forest photos! What a wonderful world you are exposing your son to.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! I love looking at the, dare I say it again, beautiful pictures you take! I wish I could see where you live in person, but your pictures are a lovely replacement. :) Your son is darling, but I am sure you already know that!

  6. Oh how I enjoy the forest posts and this time of the year there is so much to discover. Beautiful, Dawn!

  7. So many different kinds of mushrooms (toadstools?).

    1. I know, it's fascinating how many different sorts there are! Toadstools is a nickname I think. :)

  8. I love these pictures. Thank you for transporting me to such a wonderful place.

  9. The pictures are beautiful thanks for sharing with all of us. here in Chicago fall is all is in its splendor. Mary :)

  10. Oh! Your words and images just made me physically ache for colder climates whilst I sit here in sunny spain...most people would think me mad! I love autumn though...I feel like I'm missing out! Love the lizard picture and the one of Rafael...and what mushrooms!! xxx

  11. That's such a lovely photo of Rafael wrapped up in his lovely knitted coat and hat. I love to see pictures of toadstools, they have been scarce round here this autumn. Last year they were all over the place but the weather mustn't have suited them this time round.

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