Sunday, October 28, 2012

The First Snow

When we woke up this morning, the bright light coming through the closed curtains made me wonder. "I think it snowed," I said to Ramon. "No," he said, disbelieving. I swept the curtains aside, and sure enough, everything outside was dusted in white. I brought Rafael over to the window in his knit jammies, and he stared, smiling. He didn't know what snow is, but he knew that the world outside looked different, and he seemed excited about it.

After breakfast, we layered up and took our morning walk with the dogs in the woods. The forest road looked like frosted carrot cake, all orange and white. Rafael had his traditional apple....I've discovered that it keeps him happy on our walks, gnawing on or even just holding an apple. He was quiet, looking at the trees and leaves. He gets so meditative and still that you have to tickle him or scratch his head to get him to smile for the camera. 

The snow melted by the end of the day, but it was beautiful while it lasted. And I thought to myself, I wish all people loved fall and winter like I do, and didn't complain about the cold. That would be so nice. 



  1. Rafael has it made in the stroller!! I envy each walk you take!!

    1. Oh yes, he is toasty in his sheep skin sack! His hands get cold from holding the apple, but he doesn't seem to mind.
      I always appreciate your visits, Sue, thank you!

  2. How sweet it must be to see and discover everything as little as snow for the first time, and Rafael seems to definitely enjoy his walks with the two of you. You live in such a beautiful place, I'm sure I wouldn't mind the cold as much if I lived somewhere like that as well. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful season.

  3. How pretty! Our forecast actually has the chance of mountain snow showers tonight, but we are a good distance from the mountains. Have a great week!

  4. It's funny but the older I get, the more I love winter. I find it to be a time of renewal, when all is calm, I am at peace. I'm glad you are happy!
    and what a special time with a little one...hope you enjoy everyday.

    Sarah XO

  5. Do you hear me as I am yelling, "But I love it too!".

    Your son looks sooo happy. Does he kick his legs out from excitement? That's what my granddaughter would do when she was that age.

    I look forward to your photos. As always, breathtaking!!

  6. There is only one thing I love more than Autumn & that is snow :-)
    Your photos are always so beautiful. Rafael looks toasty warm in his bunting ♥

  7. I wish I was in Rafael's place, discovering things for the first time! The snow looks so delicate!

  8. I am a sucker for pictures of kids with their daddies. :) My husband is a wonderful father and it brings my heart great joy to see him snuggle and play with our kids. Such a blessing. Your pictures are so lovely and the snow has frosted everything with a perfect layer of powder. I love winter as long as I am bundled and toasty...not a fan of being cold. I am a fan of car drives into the mountains with my family, playing in the snow, and then going to get hot chocolate afterwards. So fun!

  9. I wish that everyone loved autumn and winter, too. There's so much beauty to behold!

    Thank you for brightening my day with your photos!



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