Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn In Town

Fog settled in over this little town, which always turns me into a quiet observer, taking in the old houses, bright leaves, and church tower; the mushrooms at the farmer's market, piled into wooden crates, echoing the color of the foliage; clusters of grapes, fading but still so pretty on pink vines;  Rafael, with his first pair of shoes on, crawling through fallen leaves at the playground (I almost cried when I saw him wearing's all going so fast). 

Our days are combinations of playing on a spread out blanket on the living room floor, where it's cozy and warm, and bundling up for walks in the cold fresh air. 

I keep thinking about how much easier cold weather will be when Raffi knows how to draw, or you can really read him a book; when he can play with play doh, or watch a Winnie The Pooh dvd. When he's able to talk, and can stir cookie dough batter. Then I remind myself: everything is perfect the way it is right now. I need to enjoy this time, this age, this phase, exactly how it is. 



  1. Your town looks so charming and beautiful, the colors, amazing. You are right to enjoy this time and each phase, it does go so quickly , but each phase will be just as wonderful and memorable as this one... Cherish each moment...Ciao for now...

  2. Such lovely photos, Dawn! Makes me want to visit your town.:)

    Yes, this time passes quickly! One day you will wonder where the time has gone. Raffi is such a cutie! xo

  3. what a beautiful autumn you're having! Things are sure beautiful in your corner of the world!

  4. What a lovely village you live in!!!!

    Darling shoes on Raffi....he will be walking and running in those shoes within two months. My son started walking when he was 14 months old and then a month later he was running and I had a hard time keeping up with him.

    You have a lovely family!!

  5. Dear Dawn,

    Loved hearing from you and YES, you will have to visit Damariscotta, but also Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is where we spent last night. Lively, historic, young, fun, cosmopolitan, yet small enough to feel friendly.

    Off to do a children's program at the Boston Public Library in a couple of hours.

    I wanted to say that your photos are stunning. Not just the photos, but your composition and interpretation. You are a pro with heart.

    Sending love to you and your family,


  6. I just found your blog and your photos and little stories are charming. And I love to hear young mothers talk about enjoying the moment. I'm afraid I did very little of that when my children were young and I very much regret it. They turned out alright and are wonderful grown-ups now but still. If I could change one thing in my past it would be to give more of myself to my children when they were little. The tidying up and all unessential fuss could have easily waited had I only realized that...



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