Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rafael Right Now

My son Rafael is just over one year old now, and each day holds so much discovery and learning. Every day, he learns a new word, and shows me a new dimension of love. I never knew a child this age could show so much affection.

People often comment that Raffi is the happiest child they've ever seen, always smiling and peaceful. Of course he fusses sometimes, and can get very upset when he doesn't get his way. But for the most part, he is a funny, playful, curious, and cuddly boy. 

He recently began walking when pushing a baby walker, and his vocabulary and words he understands is growing at an amazing rate.

The words he says in German are: Mama, Papa, Oma (grandma), Auto (car), Nein (no), Da (there). 

The words he says in English are: Up, Again, Hat, Yum, House, Apple.

Things he understands: Hair, Nose, Eye, Mouth, Lion, Fox, Cat, Doggie, Horse, Bird, Airplane, iPhone, Music, Dance, Ball, Tree, Boston, Kiki, Nurse, More, Careful, Open, Stinky, Sleepy Time, Bath Time, Come Here, Where Is It?

Things he says in his own language: Eela (flowers), Ata (iPhone), Hiya (clothing and accessories like belts and scarves), Papamama (banana), Appa (any kind of fruit or berry). 

Funny things he does: Smacks his lips when he sees food or someone eating; turns his head and waves to me to come to him when he is pushing his walker; throws himself on me and his Papa for cuddles; dances to music; does a little happy dance when he is eating; 'visits' the dogs on the couch and points them out to me (but still hasn't said their names); tries to put socks on his feet; bites the toothbrush when I try to brush his teeth; wrinkles his nose when I say 'stinky.'

My little boy loves cars and animals and books; chicken, noodles, cookies, fruit; and his family.
He hates hats and shoes.

It is incredible watching this person unfold day by day. Being his mother makes me feel so special, and makes me want to do and be my best.

Thank you for sharing in my parental joy. :)



  1. He is lovely. God bless him.

  2. He is too sweet! I love how you are keeping track of everything he does, as minor as they may be, it made me realize of how fast time can go by, and now I wish I had done something similar for my children. This is indeed a very special time, so enjoy your little man as much as possible.

  3. He's a beautiful boy and sounds like a sweetheart. Would love to see some video of him!

  4. I have to say, Dawn, your posts about Raffi (and all your posts) spread joy to your reader friends. When I need a mini pick-me-up, I come over here to see what you, Raffi, KiKi, and Boston are up to. Whether it is cute, or funny, or a soul baring post, I always enJOY it!!

    Thanks so much,

  5. I am always happy to read posts about Raffi! He is a beautiful child, and will amaze you so much more in the future! What a wonderful experience he is having with his development!

  6. Hi Dawn beautiful pictures of raffi. thanks for sharing he's updates ,likes and dislike. He'soo cute. Mary Chicago il

  7. god bless your beautiful boy, your beautiful family. much love!

  8. You are a joy to read! Bless the three of you!Kisses!
    Mamma Carla

  9. What a lovely little boy!!! He is getting cuter every day!!

    When my son was little he also hated wearing shoes, but it became a necesity due to cold winter weather and safety when learning to walk. I started putting shoes on him for only one hour a day and increased the time each week and showed him that I too had to wear shoes. Within a month, he was putting on his own shoes.

  10. Happy birthday Rafael! He is breathtaking.

  11. Oh Dawn, he is adorable, each time I see pics of him I just wish I could just reach through the screen and give him a big((hug))! You are doing an amazing job being a mom!


  12. Raffi is a beautiful child and just look at that head of hair, it is glorious. Iam almost wishing I could go back in time to when my boys were small. I regret not recording more of their likes and dislikes. I think they would get a kick out of reading it. You are doing such a SUPER job as a mom. I can tell you are blissful and fulfilled being a mom.



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