Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Having friends with babies gave us the perfect excuse to throw a Halloween party...who doesn't want to see their little one in an adorable costume? 

Rafael was a perfectly round Jack-O-Lantern, Ramon was a cowboy, and I was a black cat. In our group of friends there was a Doctor in scrubs, Mary Poppins, and a Vampire couple. Raffi's little friends consisted of a frog princess, Superman, and Count Dracula.

Today, the perfect thick mist was curled all around the village, so fitting to Halloween! I baked a chocolate cake, covered it in cream cheese frosting, and topped it with little marshmallow ghosts. It was already getting dark when I took the photo of the cake at 4 o'clock, and it was so dark when guests arrived that the photos didn't turn out. So, we will have to keep this Halloween saved by memory. And make a note for next year: take photos while it's still light out!

It's crazy to think that, next Halloween, Rafael will be able to tell me what he wants to dress up as. This is all going so incredibly fast. (Have I mentioned that he's walking now?!)

I hope you and yours enjoyed a fun and festive Halloween! 



  1. Yum! What's better than a chocolate cake on Halloween? Really nice that you could gather with friends on this day.

  2. Love the cake! Would love to see Raffi walking in a video if you have a chance. I remember my niece when she first walked. The most adorable thing ever! And once they start, it is run, run, run everywhere.

    Enjoy the holiday season with Raffi, it is such a special time when they are little. We get to relive the wonder of it all through their eyes!

    Take care and stay warm:),

  3. Our Halloween is starting here at 6:30 pm in old Oregon. I would love to see you post photos of you all in costume!

  4. Oh your cake is adorable...sweet little ghosts...what a great idea! Only got to see pictures of our sweet little Lorelai...but she was the cutest owl ever! smile.. She is 14 months & growing way too fast too!!


  5. The cake is so awesome and the weather is just perfect for a Halloween party!!



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