Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Days A Week, And Raffi's New Reading Nook

shirt with striped arms and hot air balloon: Gap :: jeans: H&M :: yellow elf stuffie: Jako-o

v-neck with moped print: Gap :: striped body suit with hood: H&M :: wooden teething caterpillar: Haba

grey and red striped sweatshirt: Gap :: jeans: H&M :: book Hallo Kleiner Hund!

cotton body suit with doggy print: The Organic Baby Company :: giraffe teether and squeaky toy: Sophie Le Giraffe by Vulli

striped sweater: ZARA kids :: jeans: H&M :: F is for FOX pillow: robin and mould on etsy

First I want to thank you all for the amazing notes you left for me after my last post. I can't tell you just how wonderful it has been to read them all and feel my body and mind relax with each message of encouragement and advice. Your stories are so comforting for me. Thank you!! I am so glad I wrote that post, because the responses I received from all of you have been an enormous comfort to me!

So, here is my little/big boy (I always call him my big boy, even though I know he is actually still so little), throughout the week. Maybe you noticed, starting on Wednesday his sitting area changed. That's because we took the big armchair that was meant for breastfeeding out of his room and replaced it with a cozy little mattress, plump with clusters of pillows. I noticed that I was always nursing him in bed anyways, and soon he'll be sitting up and crawling; I wanted a space for our quiet time together, for reading (I read to him even though he doesn't understand yet), cuddling, talking (well, me talking to him for now), looking at our hands and into each other's eyes, and impromptu cat naps. It was important to me that it's relatively flat, so that once he starts rolling around, he won't hurt himself.

His room is becoming more and more functional and we are in it a lot throughout the day now. It was becoming somewhat of a storage room, a place where I wrapped presents, or had piles of gifts and clothes and empty boxes. Finally I came to the point where I realized I want Rafael to be comfortable and happy in his room from the beginning on, so that when he starts sleeping in it, it will be a familiar and welcoming place for him. 

Soon I'm adding a set of children's table and chairs for when his older cousins come over to play, and we'll be installing a little library for his books in the hallway outside of his room. I'm really excited to share these with you all once it's finished. 

For now, here is Raffi in his tiny reading/cuddling nook:

This corner, just like all of his room, will be evolving over time...there is still some decor missing. But I thought I would show you our new, comfy little nest, even if it's not really finished.

Thank you all again for making this place so special...a place where I receive so much love and positivity! I hope I am able to give back somehow!



  1. oh my gosh dawn, i just read your past two posts...i will keep you and raffi in my prayers for his heart. i believe he will be okay and that now a days we have such amazing doctors who can monitor and correct so many things!

    His outfits above are sooo stinkin cute! I love your style for him.

    Enjoy your days and may the good Lord give you much comfort and peace in the days to come...all will be well. xo

  2. Sweetie, what a darling your little one is and how gorgeous the world is that you are creating for him. You are a lovely, joyous family...I know that all will be well. The doggy print is divine - would love a pair of pyjamas like that for ME!! Love to you xoxo

  3. Awww, Wednesday's picture is just delightful. Raffi's little reading nook is great - I would LOVE one of those. I think by the look on his face he loves it too! These pictures are going to be such a fantastic record as he grows up.
    Huge hugs

  4. I really like the concept of a mattress reading nook -- I think when my fiance and I start thinking about children, I'll have to try and incorporate that.

    I love how cozy your house looks and I'm sure Raffi loves being in it with his parents. I'm so impressed that you've been able to keep your beautiful whites white! I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting that to be left on the wayside, as I know it would be for me! :-P

    I look forward to looking at your pictures every week, as they are filled with so much love.

  5. Your little reading nest is delightful,I expecially love the striped cushions and the cozyness!!

  6. Gosh, these pictures are so cute! Thank you for taking the time to share them. Love the grey and red sweater! We read all the time to my niece too, practically from birth on.

    Love the little nook, great idea. I think children's rooms are always evolving because they never stop growing and changing. Just when you think you have a kid's room perfect, they mature and it needs to be changed to function better.

    You briefly touched on Raffi sleeping in his own room when he is older. That was a real toughie for my niece. She had a beautiful room and loved it, but at night she didn't want to be alone.:( Let's just say it was a long time until she did. LOL But scary things are very real to kids, and we didn't want to traumatize her. If you come up with some good tricks, please share!!

    I can also see a big resemblance to you in these pictures.:)

    Have a great week,

  7. Elise: I think our good trick will be that he won't be alone in his room....He'll have Kiki and Boston sleeping in there with him! :)

  8. Dear Dawn,
    your big boy is such a cutie and his new reading nook looks very cozy. Your right, we have the same taste :).

    I read your last post and I´m feeling with you. Both of my sons had heart murmurs and my oldest had a really difficult lung surgery when he was eight month old, so I can understand your feelings and fears. It is so scary when your child has something you can´t do anything about.

    All the best for Rafael!

    Hugs, Nadine

  9. I LOve his cozy and he looks so content sitting on his new lounge.
    Really cool Dawn! Also read the post about his heart...Can't wait to hear more from the experts. Keep us posted. Loving you two...

  10. Just read your last post and my heart goes out to you. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and hoping that the next doctor's trip has a positive outcome.
    Absolutely love the second last photo of little Raffi in his reading corner!

  11. What a sweet sweet place to nurture your precious son. You have created a very special little cozy nest for that little man of yours!

  12. LOL That's really a great idea! Sure beats a stuffed animal!


  13. Hey lovely, just seen this and your last post - everything will be fine! I'm sure! He's in the best hands possible - yours and you will do all you can for him. He's a very lucky little boy! One day he'll look back at your blog when he's all grown up and see just how much love his mummy has for him. xxx

  14. Oh my goodness, he looks so big in the last two pictures, and he is such a cutie al always! Love your little nook, looks very special. He is such a happy baby, you are a great mama.



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