Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rafael Turns 6 Months!

We celebrated Rafael's 1/2 birthday this Friday! I strung up paper bunting, and baked a delicious Black Magic cake. Ramon made a big bowl of pasta salad, and plates of little finger sandwiches. There were colorful bright tulips and sweet-smelling hyacinth. Plump babies being bounced by loving mommies, and daddies talking about computers and sports. Laughter and smiles between friends and family.

But mind kept going back to the thought, that I have been blessed so immensely to be holding this boy in my arms. To have been given six amazing, transforming months with this tiny, growing, curious, innocent, beautiful person, who looks at me with so much love and admiration that it makes my heart race.

Every day with my boy is sprinkled with so many instances of pure love. And it is my greatest hope that I am given the gift of many, many more!

Thank you God, Universe, The Powers That Be, for the most amazing blessing in my life.



  1. I also am very thankful for Rafael being in your life. I feel blessed to know the three of you through your blog.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. That is so kind, Flower Lady-thank you!

  3. Hi !!Dawn how cute and beautiful Raffi looks :) Congratulations ...

    sending you lots of beautiful wishes for u and your family

    Mary :) Chicago il

  4. What a sweet post for Raffi to read when he is older!


  5. This reminded me when my children were growing up.Your home looks so cheerful and beautiful! I wish to little Rafael many more happy birthday to come! And you will realize that being a mum is the most enchanting and marvellous experience a woman can have! Even now that my children have grown up the travel continues through mountains of difficulties and lakes of happiness. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful travel because this is life! Lots of love to the three of you.

    Mamma Carla

    1. What a wonderful post.Your words are full of love you are so sweet!Your child will be happy to read these things when he grows!You are a true blessing Dawn.

  6. Happy 6 months, beautiful Raffi! What a lovely celebration. So happy for you Dawn and this wonderful time in your life...every moment to be treasured! In no time he'll be lolling around wearing giant shoes & leaving 1/2 empty mugs of cold tea under his bed for you to find...& I know you'll adore him just as much then, too!!
    Sending much love to you on British Mother's Day xoxo

  7. Wonderful and a lovely party. He is a handsome, handsome boy who is so lucky to have you two, just as you two are so lucky to have him.



  8. thank you for sharing this feast Dawn and for letting me chat with Mamma Carla a few lines upwards, if I were there I would have brought some chocolate eggs with a sugar shell white like real ones ..... as present for your wonderful bambino
    ciao Madamada

  9. He is just so precious Dawn and I love that you had a little get together to celebrate him being 6months. Is that a family tradition or just something you wante dto do? It's so sweet.
    I still can't believe he's 6 months and that Katia is!

  10. How gorgeous---what a wonderful celebration of life and love!! xoxo Joann

  11. Hey! Belated birthday little one!!! Your house looks so spic and span...and homely! What a lovely spread too! I hope you all had a lovely day - he is really growing isn't he? xxx

  12. long time reader, first time commenter. Raphael is too handsome- such a darling little boy! I'm so glad you are enjoying him and delighting us all with these pictures. I'm sure he will appreciate having them years from now.



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