Saturday, March 10, 2012

Harbingers Of Spring

What a glorious day we had. The sun shone, birds sang, and there were little signs of spring all along our walk, if you were careful enough to look closely. I even saw the first sprouts of wild garlic. It won't be long now, and everything will be covered in green!

Our little Rafael has a fever, we're guessing it's due to teething. But besides being a bit more tired than usual, he's been in a good mood all day. He just loves the weekend, when his Papa is home. He was allowed to watch some skiing with his Daddy today, because when you are sick, you are allowed to do everything.

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you find little inklings of spring where you are, too!



  1. A week ago we had snow, huge, fat flakes that covered the ground. Two days ago, it was in the high 60s. And today, it is in the 20s, but the 60s are expected again in a day or two. I am really looking forward to warm temps and bright sun.

    Love the picture of KiKi and the elephant on Raffi's wall. Adorable!


  2. Hi Dawn!
    Your little man is gorgeous! I can't believe how much he's grown!
    Hope he feels better soon.

  3. That first photo is just stunning Dawn. I love love love it.
    How lovely that Spring is starting to make it;s way to you . You didn;t have very much Winter this year did you?
    We just had 2 days of fresh snow, so I would say Winter will be at least another month or so, but it;s been very warm lately (not complaining about that).
    Happy weekend dear friend! xox

  4. Oh Dawn...yes, the robins are here, so that is a sure sign of spring. Hope your little guy is feeling better tonight. I know he had to be loving being with his daddy... Love seeing Kiki sleeping on his dad's lap too. Rusty sleeps on Tom's lap that same way! sweet...

    xoxo Gert

  5. Hi sweetie! Yes, Spring is bursting out all over here...I love your photos as always. Raffi is such a darling - I hope that he's feeling much better this morning. We have thick fog today...but due to clear & be sunny later on. It's a wonderful season, isn't it? The re-emergence of life & green after the dark & cold. Magical. Sending much love xoxo R

  6. Stunning pictures :) I haven't seen any evidence of Spring here in Scotland but I'll be on the look out now!

    Amanda |

  7. gorgeous! sounds so perfect. thank your comment, thank you for saying that too dawn sometimes i wonder
    when friends are absent if i said anything to offend, yet i am a terrible at leaving comments and formulating what
    i want to say.

    the forest feels as if you are in my backyard!



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