Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 Days A Week, 6

jumpsuit: H&M

Starry pyjamas: gift from Morwenna

t-shirt: Old Navy :: jeans: H&M

outfit: Old Navy

sweater and khakis: H&M

Can I just swoon for a moment about how much fun this little boy is? How lucky I feel to be his mama? How much we make each other laugh? How much love and adoration fills the looks we give each other?    Whatever ideas I had about being a mother before, it is even more amazing now that it is a reality.

A new week begins tomorrow...another week with my Honey Bunny Sweet Potato, which is his official name around here. Every day with him is so precious.

Don't you think he has grown since the first 5 Days A Week post?

Thank you all for your understanding and patience while parenting takes priority in my life.



  1. you have 100% permission to swoon over your beautiful babe my friend! :) and don't ever apologize for prioritizing motherhood...I am proud of you for doing so...we can be patient if it takes a thousand years and just anticipate your next post filled with sweet notes of your little man and rejoice for you while you take all the time in the world to be a momma. :) Love sent your way!! ><>

  2. He is growing so fast. It has been wonderful to see how much he is changing each week. I wholeheartedly agree with Jacs above. You don't need to apologise for your blogging efforts ever. Take care.

  3. Yes, he has grown since the first pictures. He is such a sweetie pie.

    Love and hugs to the three of you ~ FlowerLady

  4. He is just absolutely precious.....what size is he wearing right now? You should list that as well and maybe how much he weighs each wonderful to watch him grow...

  5. Oh, love his little star pjs on Tuesday! So adorable. And Monday's outfit is so cute too and looks like it would be easy for him to move around in.

    Such a cutie pie,

  6. He is just so adorable, I can't blame you for wanting to spend every single moment with him. The nickname is very fitting, and yes, he has gotten so much bigger since the first 5 days a week started. Enjoy your time!


  7. He has grown up so! And it's amazing how he looks just like you!!!So sweet!

  8. I'm so happy for you. Love your little sweet potato for all he's worth--and that's a lot!

  9. those star jammies are absolutely adorable!

  10. OMG I can't believe how precious he is and how wide my Heart expands when I see these's almost unbearable. I really do hope you guys are coming in July or anytime so I can hold and hold and hold my little fella.
    Thank you so much for creating a stable beautiful life for him.



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