Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bits Of Our Spring Home

Today the sun was shining brightly in a robins-egg blue sky. The perfect day to spread Easter and spring around the home.

It's funny: I've never really been excited about spring or Easter as far as decorating or celebrating goes. But for some reason, this year it's different. This may or may not have something to do with Pinterest.

So this morning on our walk through the woods I gathered branches that were already sprouting tender green leaves, and put them in a vase where I hung them with little ceramic eggs (hanging decorative eggs onto branches is a tradition here in Austria at Easter time). I found a fallen bird's nest a little while ago which I nestled in the branches and filled with tiny speckled quail eggs. A few years back I watercolored two blown eggs, and I placed these in egg cups.

Even though Rafael insisted on being held most of the morning, I somehow managed to bake up chocolate cupcakes for an Easter party we've been invited to. The dogs dozed on the sunny couch, and our home felt so bright and cheerful with all the green and pink.



  1. That looks like a perfect day!! Hugs, Silke

  2. Your home looks like an oasis of peace and calm.

  3. Your Spring home looks lovely. Rafael's little vest is adorable...did you make it for him?

  4. It seems little Rafael wanted to be a part in the baking process ;) Your home looks lovely with the little touches of spring, nothing better than bringing the outdoors in.

  5. I do an egg tree too, it is such a wonderful Easter tradition. I love the eggs you painted, the little chick looks like I could reach out and touch her. My grandma was very talented like you and could make the most beautiful eggs. Seeing yours, reminded me of her. You'll be able to make some for Raffi and he'll cherish them forever.:)

    Happy spring,

  6. I think you are such a wise person,because you always enjoy the moments and make the best out of them. Happiness is made of small things!

  7. Denise: his Grandma made it for him. :)

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! I love it when you stop by!

  8. what pretty bits of Spring about your home! So lovely!
    Hope you guys are well and that little Raffi feels better from his teething very soon. xoxo

  9. Love all the pink and green...so pretty for Spring! And Rafael's sweater is so adorable!



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