Thursday, March 25, 2010

what sunshine is capable of

Can you even believe the look on Kiki's face here?
It says everything.
Sunshine, birds singing, the tender beginnings of leaves....

...pastel skies and a haze of green on the fields.

We saw butterflies, frogs laying eggs, and even scared a few wild pheasants, which in turn scared the daylights out of me...they're really loud and dramatic when startled.
The warm air and sunshine renew my being.
When spring begins, I inevitably feel taken by surprise; I think there is always a part of me who feels that this time, winter will never end.
But eventually, to my relief, it does.

Here at home I've been clearing off of the balcony and doing some major spring cleaning. I've become pretty radical when it comes to throwing things away; I used to turn things over in my hand and wonder if I should get rid of them. Now I am militant, and fill whole garbage bags with things. I have yet to throw away something and then regret it afterwards.
A big motivation for getting our home in tip top shape is that the real estate agent will be coming by once in a while with people interested in renting our apartment once we move out in October...yes, that's right, we signed the papers and will be moving this fall!
I just loved the way the kitchen and living room looked this sun-soaked morning:

fruits and flowers on the kitchen island

kiki napping in the sun by the dining table

anemones always remind me of polkadots...i love them!

We are hoping to find people who will buy our kitchen from us so we can start fresh in the new apartment. Can you imagine how excited I am to design our new home?

I hope that spring is warming your face, too, wherever you are.

xoxo country girl


  1. She is actually smiling in that first picture. How sweet!

  2. adorable shots of kiki - and yes, it would be so exciting to start anew with fresh ideas

  3. Your kitchen looks like such a happy place. I can't wait to see what your new one will look like. :)

  4. Wonderful post of light, freshness and hope. :-) Thank you! You cheered my heart today. :-)

  5. Kiki is besotted by spring. The flurish of her tail and her seemingly smiling face are a tonic for me.

    I think Spring cleaning clears the cobwebs from our mind. Somehow clearing space in our homes clears space in our mind.

    To startle a pheasant is a thing I should like to do. :))

    The words of your Spring walk, the sharing of pictures, take me by surprise each time I visit.

    Wishing you the best in your move and good people to take the apartment and kitchen as you move.

  6. I bet you are excited! Your old home looks lovely too though! Funny how spring has finally sprung...I know what you mean about thinking the winter would never end...and someone said on the radio today spring was late...but through the car window I saw sea upon sea of lovely yellow daffodils and cherry blossom on the trees so I beg to differ...The sunshine...alas today we had a storm in the UK...but maybe tomorrow?! xxx

  7. Dawy, I am so glad you are home and back to blogging again. You always inspire me to think beyond my normal days!

    Congrats on getting a new home! I would love your kitchen it is so beautiful and inviting! Gifted? Oh yes, that is what you are!!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. DAWN...sorry I misspelled your name. Think I need another typing lesson?? lol Bless you!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Your house is so pretty! Can I say it's inspiring *and* envy-inducing? Hee! ;-) I love your kitchen accents... so simple, clean, yet with pops of color that show your love for fresh nature's bounty! Kiki is just a peach! Seeing her photos always makes me smile. You have such a beautiful spirit Dawn and that is why I read your blog!

  10. I was just discussing with my family the other day how therapeutic it is for me to throw things out. Once I get started, it's hard for me to stop, even! :p

    And can I just say how lovely your house is? It looks right out of magazine! I aspire to make my house that neat when I move this summer (yep, I'm moving too!) ♥

  11. that just might be my favorite kiki picture yet!! your spring images are warming my soul, thank you so much :)

  12. Kiki looks adorable! And that bunch of flowers is stunning, enjoy the sunshine!:)

  13. even though we don't have the true seasons here in southern california, i understand just what you mean about the feeling of starting anew. i have spring fever too!
    it is so lovely there, with all the new growth and sunshine. kiki looks in complete joy, so cute that photo!
    good luck with your move and the showing of the apartment, i hope it all goes smoothly for you.
    xo lori

  14. oh lovely! your posts always bring me a smile....and i love that! i know what you mean about spring and the sun...i love the warmth and fresh start. luka and i have been known to take lazy naps together in the sun as it beams through the window...and i love that too!
    {i think my computer is slowly dying which has made posting blogs and reading blogs very stressful...sigh.}
    glad you are well and your home looks so lovely! i'm excited for all the new things that will happen this fall...designing and new space...perfect for you all!
    love to you my friend!

  15. A wonderful spring peek at your home... your kitchen island is so inviting!
    The wild pheasant story made me laugh... we have them here too. They are loud when they get a fright! Too funny!

  16. so i love your beauty mark buttons! i'm going to take a few and i will certainly link them to you. don't stop making them! :)

  17. We are in puppy love with Kiki! She is so cuddly. Sending you some puppy smiles today. Please drop in and visit us some time. We always love reading your posts, makes us want to get outside and go on some adventures - now that it's finally stopped raining so heavily and the lovely warm Autumn days are here. Marley & Jasper.

  18. What a fun spring time post! Congrats on the new home...and Kiki is beyond adorable!

  19. Joy, joy! Spring! We are all smiling like Kiki! love, Beth

  20. the flowers are gorgeous and my son really wants to run with your dog. He keeps on wanting to go and look at the pic again.

  21. YAY!!
    Kiki looks sooo cute!
    So does your home, always clean and wonderfully harmonized with flowers, candles and songs.

  22. someone is going to snatch that lovely home
    in a heartbeat.

  23. beautiful thoughts and images. and - you're moving! exciting news! xo

  24. Thanks for your visit! Spring is my favorite time of year. Good luck with the sell. I would LOVE to build one more house in my lifetime...just one more!! Oh my!

  25. who is smiling bigger - you or kiki?! sounds like life is wonderful for you right now.

  26. i so want to live in this space. : )



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