Tuesday, March 2, 2010

turning a new corner

Sometimes I like to turn a new corner when out on my daily walks with Kiki. No corner is really new here for me, but these are ever-changing along with the seasons, and I've noticed that just taking a few steps in a different direction can present you with surprises. Clusters of fern, a red mushroom, a small waterfall. Sometimes there are patches of a certain kind of flower which you will only find in one particular spot. I am sure this has to do with scientific things like sunlight and soil constitution. But when I happen upon something rare, it feels miraculous and special.

March is the time to search the ground....there are so many things going on there. November's layers of leaves protect and feed new life, which I find fascinating. For as clichè as it may sound, it is true: the wheel of life is nowhere so evident as in nature, where fresh life springs from the remains of death, only to eventually die and be the source of life for the following generation.

You can find the most change now by brushing aside dead foliage and searching the edges of creek beds. For someone who takes no notice of the tiny (but remarkable) changes, spring must seem to leap up in blossoms and bird song sometime in mid April! But for the observant person, spring creeps up in an almost mysterious manner these next few weeks. This is the time of year when one should take advantage of the places in nature which will soon be inaccessible once the vines and underbrush flourish. I take some of my longest walk at this time, down deer paths and along singing creeks, searching for the first spring shoots and flowers, frogs and salamanders, duck nests and toad eggs. 

While I brush aside leaves and stand still listening to the hawks cry, Kiki is busier than ever. The entrance holes to field mice hovels are now finally uncovered, and the perfect size for a spaniel snout to poke around in but not do any real damage.

Here you see a mouse hole in the middle of wild strawberry vines. What a clever mouse, living with fresh berries growing at a tail's length!

This is the look Kiki gives me when I distract her for a portrait. "Ugh, you with your camera!"

Right before leaving the hillside which dives steeply down to the creek, I found this skeletal leaf in a tree crevace, so frail and beautiful. Simple and intricate at the same time.

So while we look forward to the trembling and bursting of new growth, we also say a thank you to the things which have passed, and give sustenance to that new life.

Thank you for your notes, I have never felt so connected to a community. I am happy to share the seasons with you.

xo country girl


  1. My walk with you through the woodland today was eye opening to springs hidden mysteries and tender beginnings. I've never brushed the leaves aside to observe the underlying growth. When next pottering my way through woodlands I will be more observant of beauty secreted beneath the leaves.

    Kiki has her own agenda on these walks. I think she is looking for critters and little peeps.

    Loved the mouse hole in the wild strawberry patch....a mouse living a tail length away from the strawberries! I love it!

    I appreciate you too.

  2. what a beautiful walk, you have taken us on. nature holds such promise, of new seasons. leaving behind trail of the past.
    waving to kiki!

  3. What a lovely little walk...It has rather inspired me to go out and see what I can find! You are totally right about it being the time of year to search the ground. I'm always keeping an eye out for mushrooms! xxx

  4. You're so lucky to have your snow gone and green popping through the ground. We are still waiting for the snow to melt..they said the sun reflects off our snow covered ground and the heat bounces back up into the atmosphere:( Oh well, it will soon change...this I know!

    PS Love the picture of Kiki--she is soooo sweet, give her a ((hug)) from me!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Beautiful post- I especially love the second photo. Oh! And your new header is SO adorable!♥

  6. LOve the March header...and your beautiful heart shining so brightly on this blog *

  7. When I see all those spring shoots, I'm "green" with envy! Haha! Sorry, I couldn't resist, it was so corny. We are expected to get more snow. I may just cry.

    Love, love, love KiKi's picture on the March banner. (I think they are called banners, not sure.)

    KiKi's ears look like a little girl's pigtails and I just love it, so cute!


  8. Good Morning! I have read through each of your posts from the very beginning ~ I am truly happy that I found you. It seems like everything I have ever wanted to say - you have. I have found so much inspiration in your writings and photographs. There are so many blogs that one could easily get lost clicking here and there but I love when I come across one that really speaks to me. I appreciate your honesty ~ the more honest you are in your writings, the more you inspire. I hope my blog can move into the direction of being more from the heart - your photos are just beautiful!

  9. Dawn, your posts take me away to a far away place. A place that is serene. The descriptions that you give of your walks are beautifully written. And the photos that accompany them are truly inspiring.
    Happy Tues dear friend!

  10. Oh and I love your new header. I personally think that Kiki should be on every banner that you create. :o)

  11. Love that Kiki! I see in her so much of my 2 boys. They are so curious, funny, adventurous and endearing. The Cavaliers are just the best companion dog aren't they. I really enjoy your style of writing and eagerly look forward to reading about your adventures through the Austrian woods.

    I remember holidaying in the Alps outside Graz when I was 16, many many years ago and the countryside, the air, the crisp cool morning walks through the forests all come back to me again as I read your posts and see your photos.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope to get my blog up and running so that I feel confident to share it with you too. It is all about my lovely cavaliers.

  12. love your sweet dog and the nature lesson. i could
    almost smell the moist soil.

    you're a little ahead of us here, but i am investigating


  13. a beautiful love letter to the countryside

  14. Kiki is adorable even if she isn't so interested in her photo taken!
    I'm so glad to see the spring is on it's way!
    Good luck in april Dawn,spring is new beginnings ♥

  15. love that header with your sweet Kiki....

    felt like we were on the walk with you...wish we were...really

    sending love,
    kary and buddy



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