Monday, March 1, 2010

why do i blog?

I've been thinking about blogs, and blogging, this evening, after going on my usual blog-round, as well as discovering a few new ones. You know how it find yourself on a blog and wonder, 'How did I get here again?'

Sometimes I find a blog I think is beautiful, with nice pictures and interesting posts...and then I see that they have something between 400 and 700 followers, and I wonder if I should even leave a comment. Won't it just get lost in a sea of other comments? These are usually the blogs where they post about their home decor, or feature photographs and items from other artists or shops, as I do sometimes. On these blogs, there is rarely anything you could call personal. Which is fine! I like visiting these blogs sometimes. But honestly, these aren't the bloggers who I personally feel most connected with, and who become good friends and daily allies. 

Then you find those rare jewels...those people who spill their souls into the written word, who share simple or profound pictures....and these people sometimes have 2, 5, or maybe 20 followers. And you gladly leave a note of gratitude for their sharing, and you feel like you have just had a nice visit with a kindred spirit.

I have come to understand that every blogger comes here with a different agenda, and with a different goal. Some to gain popularity and find like-minded people, some to share their hearts or arts, and others who, seemingly involuntarily, achieve both.

This brings me to the question stated in this post's title: Why do I blog?

This questions arises whenever I know I would like to post something, but am not decided on what. I often start out with the thought: "I wonder what would interest my readers?" And then I quickly ax that question with this statement: "I am not posting to please. I am posting what is in my heart, and on my mind." This statement has been what has kept this blog a sanctuary for me.

So I have decided: I blog to spread joy. To connect. To have those snap!, aha!, exactly! moments. To meet other people who love the same things I do. To record the seasons. To motivate the photographer inside of me. To have fun. And to constantly be made accutely aware of my many blessings.

I wonder why you blog?

Sending bloggy love to you,

xoxo country girl


  1. i agree, when i run across a blog with hundreds of followers i usually don't comment, i feel like there really wouldn't be a point, even if i liked the blog. though maybe i'm just a bad commenter in general, i don't always leave you comments even though i'm a faithful reader. :) love your blog!

  2. That's true!

    Have a nice evening!


  3. Thanks for your bloggy love, I return it happily.

    My blog and my experience is new. Since November of this year. So, I am finding my way and my voice.

    I began as a blog follower. Enjoying the absolute beauty and art of so many talented women is pure joy. Art, craft, homemaking, gardening, writing, farming, thought sharing, science, mystic beliefs, knitting, sewing, media a few wonders of blogland.

    I've always enjoyed a bit of writing. Word working and arranging to convey my thoughts and feelings or what I'm wondering about. I love words. I love reading. I love learning.

    Photography says it with a pictures. Clip art or quotes, poetry, and music compliment the writing. Hopefully.

    Preparing my thoughts and accompanying beauty is great fun. Sharing is giving back a portion of the spectacular gifts other share on their blogs.

    Blogging is fun and it's free. :)

  4. i didn't even know what a blog was...but once i discovered blogging and made a space of my own there was no looking back. it is a place where pieces of me pour out....where i can just be who i am. it has been a safe place for me to express myself, to battle through tough times, and rejoice in my happy moments and along the way i have found friendship, support, encouragement & love. though i may not have a lot of followers and some of my most intimate posts may not get the most comments....i know that i have honoured what i need to do; what i need to say and this brings me comfort and peace. my blog helps me to live more creatively and to celebrate everyday simplistic beauty....
    my favourite blog stops are like you 'kindred spirits' i love knowing that i have friendship spread across the world; a connection. i found a jem that night that i found are a beautiful soul and i like calling you my friend....

  5. Oh, this is such a wonderful post! You know, I blogged just to keep a record of when I started making art last March (it's been almost a year now!) and it has turned into so much more! The connections I have made, the kindred spirits I have found, the friendships I have forged have enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined! I blog from my heart and that's how I will keep doing it! Love your blog!! You are one of those very special people I've found... Love, Silke

  6. Ditto to every thing you said. Those are the very same reasons that I blog. I want to share...share something that is about me, share joy and happiness and things I believe in. I have met some incredible people here in bloggerville and I love that.

    So keep expressing, showing and sharing!
    Thanks for this post!

  7. hi:)

    It's funny because I think about this a lot. I actually started blogging because your blog inspired me! Did you know that??!! At first, I couldn't really explain to myself or anyone else (the one or two people I told:)) why I was blogging. I didn't really know why. I just knew that I had so much fun reading about other people’s lives, people who shared my interests, like photography, recipes & cooking, decorating, spending time at home, spending time with hubbies, dogs, family, friends. I love seeing other people’s photos of nature, travel, décor and getting inspired and I also like and have an interest in people, in general. There is so much in this blog world that inspires me.

    But lately, I’m finding that, as Gigi at Magpie’s Fancy recently wrote, I’m actually starting to think of the few bloggers that I’m coming to know as friends & pen-pals. It’s funny, isn’t it? I feel so grateful for meeting these women from around the world. I have a list of over 30 blogs that I like & feel inspired by, but there are a few (including yours) that I actually visit every day and feel a connection to the writer. I’m slowly starting to get more personal in my posts because this feels like a safe & honest place. Only my close friends and new pen-pals read, so I feel like I can open up, though initially, that’s not why I started.

    Your personality, love of life and love of blogging shine through your blog. Like I’ve told you, you remind me very much of me;), which I guess is why I was initially drawn to your blog. I think your space here is very honest, fun, heart-warming, funny, raw at times, you throw a lot out here and I know that’s hard to do, especially with some of the things you’ve been through. But isn’t it nice to know that you do have friends out here in the world who love what you have to say? Sometimes I feel so small in this world, then I’ll come to my little blog and there will be comments from friends I’ve known forever and friends I’ve just met from all over the world, and it makes me remember that, though my life is small in the grand scheme of things, I’ve touched the lives of others, and am continually touched by others…. which, to me, is a huge part of what this life is about.

    So, thank you, dear Dawn, for sharing all that you do, and for caring and being genuinely interested in what we all have to say.


  8. uh oh....i ask myself this almost every day...

    and then when i skip it for a while..i miss everybody..yeah, me too..i do it for the kindred you, my sweet..if i didn't blog i would have never met YOU !

    and i have met so many wonderful very just makes me HAPPY knowing that there are so many really nice people out there..

    and i love to keep a journal of the seasons and my cooking and gardening...just the simple things of my daily life...the support i have had when things were not going well has overwhelmed me...there are wonderful people here in blogland...and i am grateful....

    sending love


  9. i totally get it....and totally agree...this pots was beautifully said, and gratefully read.

  10. beautiful thoughts - i'm with cora and some of the others i started as a journal for me...and grew friendships and now i can't imagine being without them. i love it.

  11. I love your blog- it was actually the first one I discovered after Susan Branch advertised it on her Twitter :) I told her, "Wow, she and I have so much in common!" And when I decided on making my own blog, you were the first person I followed &hearts

    I've made a few blogs in the past, but they just never stuck until I created this one. I think I finally found my niche with I Heart New England; I've met so many wonderful people from it (like you!), and I thoroughly enjoy posting about the things I truly love. And for all that, I'm so happy!

  12. Such a great post Dawn, I have thought the same things. I began blogging to share my project, but I have discovered that the joy of blogging is about people themselves. I also realise that I am learning much better communication by speaking to and reading the blogs of people from all over the world and thinking about what things touch me and interest me, and what things don't.

  13. i cherish every comment :)
    you did a really nice post here!
    i know what you mean about those rare jewels!! its so wonderful when you find them :)

  14. I love your post--I also love finding the treasure in those special blogs we discover!

  15. I've thought about this too. And I completely agree with every word of your wonderfully, well-expressed mind! :-)I prefer the blogs that share joy, that share the writer shares their written soul and what they love. Blogs where I can take something with me from it. ♥

  16. Hi there Country Girl,

    I came here while visiting 'Homemaking in High Heels'. The title of this post caught my eye. I too, have posed this question once before -- rhetorically, and to my blog readers.

    I have been blogging since 2004, and over the years, things changed (naturally). Blogging, for me, used to be about daily rants. Keeping personal close friends in the loop. I still practice that; ranting to the air, or to whomever-that-comes-along. Many may find that boring. These days, blogging seems like a popularity contest. This is where it gets me frustrated. The less quality there is in a blog, the more popular it is. Granted, some blogs are genuinely 'good stuff' that deserves a huge audience. Anyway, I didn't come here to rant, did I?

    Well, I love the whole feel and look of your blog, esp. you being an English-speaker in a German-speaking world (hey hey, same here!).
    I am following to tune in for more!

    Oh, you may ask, 'If blogging is bothering me, why continue?'... Like you said; I have met a few really good souls through blogging with whom I get in touch with outside blogland; and to find those kindred spirits that make me feel I have a connection with. That's all that really matters.


  17. Hi sweetie! I started blogging right after my mum passed away. I used to spend a lot of time at Jamie's, where I could talk to people about fun things that helped me focus on the 'life is still here, you can still have moments of happiness even on your own' idea. Then one day you talked about this blog and I started exploring it together with Lecia's and decided to start my own. The description below my title then was 'an attempt to focus on the bright side of life' and that's exactly what it was. I used blogging to help me notice snippets of happiness in my otherwise sad days. I only wrote about 'safe' things, rarely involving emotions. Now I'm at a process of changing that a little and bringing in some more meaning to it. I'm looking forward to the summer when I will have time for more words. If you look at the comments section on my first post, you told me 'promise me you'll post only when you have time and it's fun' and I promised and I'm trying to keep my promise. I never ever say 'what can I blog about today?' I usually say 'I want to show/tell my bloggy friends this and see what they have to say'

  18. I love this post! I started to blog out of my love for owls. At the time, I was seeing so many inspiring owl-themed designs, ceramics, art work etc. I thought it would be a great idea to share what I love with other owl lovers around the globe. There are lot of wonderful blogs out there and some of them have become daily dose for me :)

  19. I liked this post...I agree with you. Yes, it would be swell to have a hord of followers, a possible book deal in the pipeline from your writing or something like that but...then you just get swept become someone less tangible - you become famous, harder to reach or get a reply from. When you are small and you have a few close followers and friends you can form some really meaningful and helpful relationships -you can give even more of yourself. It becomes a form of social networking...and I think it has more depth and potential for fulfillment and happiness...maybe...I know I stopped worrying about followers a long time ago. I just post my thoughts and visit those I know I have begun to develop good relationships with...I try to find new blogs but sometimes it just gets too overwhelming trying to keep predominantly I just stick with what I know right now but also look for inspiration here and there and read random entries on other blogs I know less well to see if I can learn something and offer an insight or thoughtful word back xxx

  20. I blog for three reasons:

    -To connect (it gets so lonely moving once a year, and blogland has become a constant community that can move with me)
    -To structure my often unstructured mornings (my brain needs a schedule or I get totally confused and directionless!)
    -For a creative outlet where I can put all those home-and-life-related things that don't relate to my "career", yet I still want to put somewhere.

    I wouldn't say necessarily to bring joy. That's not why I started because I never expected anyone to actually read my blog-- except my mom :) So, I didn't actually set out to bring others joy, although I hope that happens now that I have a few readers!

  21. great post. I just love to blog and honestly every once in awhile i get a slight weary feeling on why do people even care what about what I like, then i quickly get over it:) I have made some great friends too. I guess it all started as a creative outlet form being a stay st home home.

  22. I really liked this post. I often have the same thoughts as you. It's tempting to do something on my blog just to gain more popularity... but why??? Sharing from the heart is the way to go... I appreciate that you are doing that. :)

  23. this post touched my heart. i have tears brimming in my eyes, because we are so much alike when it comes to blogging. my tears are for the love and understanding of blogging we share. it's nice to share these feeling with you.

  24. I guess I blog because I have so much in my head, immaginatively and creatively, I need a place to put it, funnily enough you can't really see that on my blog yet, all I seem to do is post photos of things I see on the net, but I'm at a point where I'm making a space till I know how to project exactly what I want to say. I need to take my time with that I guess.
    I also blog because it makes me a little less lonely, I don't have many or any like minded friends, I don't have many english speaking friends and so it's like being in a parallel community, a village where I can interact with butcher, baker, candlestick maker, of cyberspace where I reside and be part of it, not lose my trail of thought in my language, part of my identity.

  25. I hear you..I too blog for different reasons, but you have inspired me so much you will never know! I have only a few followers and I like that as they are special people like you. Please..keep blogging if for no other reason then to keep my happy:)

    xoxo Gert

  26. Yeah Blog girl inside us wants to express and be seen by angels and well wishers.
    I often want a prayer and blessing when I blog, wings to be able to rise out of a difficult situation in my mind.
    Thank you for blogging...the photos are AWESOME always and the whole place is a Joy to 'walk' through.
    Love you!

  27. I agree with you and everything you said. That is why I blog. I love meeting new people and finding people that have the same interests as I do. I love sharing my blessings and hearing about other people's.

    Lee Laurie

  28. Dear Dawn,
    So much of what you say is true, the lovely people round the world, the friendships made, blogging is a gift for those who put themselves out there.
    At the risk of this not coming out right i'd like to share my experiance. and i truly hope i don't offend anyone that may be a follower. I began blogging really just to see if i could. To me, putting myself out there was a very scary experiance. I blogged also for my Mom, and although i knew i could make my blog private, i really never thought anyone would be interested in reading me. But i did find that there were a couple people, just a few that read and commented. I was a bit nervous about that and wondered again if i ought to make my blog private. then, 5 months after i began, one morning i woke up, logged on and found dozens and dozens of emails and comments. I had no idea what was going on. It seemed that Google had chosen my blog for a Blog of Note. I didn't know what that was and I panicked! Suddenly blogging wasn't fun anymore, instead of 7 to 9 friends I had over 400. The amount of people made me so uncomfortable I thought of stopping, and then of changing or starting a new one. But i didn't (at the encouragement of my husband). I guess what i'm trying to say is some people don't choose to have that many followers or comments. I absolutly treasure each visit and comment I get and truly only a handful of those 400 have ever come back (to my knowledge).
    Blogging has blessed my life, challenged my life, but most of all has helped me most to love my life and find beauty in everything.
    Boy! i guess i really needed to get that out!

  29. I find myself blogging for many of the same reasons you do. I am often surprised when people comment because to be honest I write for me. Lately its been about the doubts of becoming a first time mother but there is always a mix of different things that interest me and so I blog about them.

  30. Somedays I think this too; why am I barring my thoughts and photos online. My answer is similar to yours. I mostly write through my dogs eyes or on dog related things. My other blog delves is really just photos along my journey to learn to photograph better.

    I think it boils down to something gives you enjoyment so you share and find others who appreciate what you share. Other times its about finding support not giving.

    I try to acheive balance on both just like in my life; a little take a little give.



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