Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm just leaving a quick note to tell you all that I miss you, and I miss my blog, and I miss having the time to write. 

The apartment is coming along wonderfully, though it seems like it's taking FOREVER. I wonder when I will be able to confidently take photos of our new home and share them? I'm guessing at Christmas time. 

It's getting colder, and I am waiting for the first snow with the heart of a child. I just adore the first snow. One dear reader asked, "You get snow in Australia?" This mistake has been made many times. I live in AUSTRIA, Europe. And yes, we definitely get snow here in Austria! :)

So sorry I can't stay...must rush off. But I hope you all know I am thinking of you and looking forward to being able to post regularly and at length. 


xoxo country girl



  1. Miss you too Dawn! Hope you got my card ok, hope things are going well & you're having time for fun too. Love to you xoxo Rachel

  2. miss you too dawn! hope you are finding moments to enjoy during all the moving and arranging and planning and organizing! sending you hugs & love! jaclyn ><>

  3. Oh Dawn..I most definately miss you too. Always puts a smile on my face when I see a post from you. Puppies look happy and content. Had pictures taken of Rusty at the groomers last week, when I get them back will post it so all can see our 'handsome' little man:)

    Funny you mentioned Austria and Australia, I can still remember my dad telling us that his family (The Schopp's) were from Austria, NOT

    xoxo Gert

  4. miss you too:). i'm glad to hear the apartment is coming along nicely. i can't wait to see photos of it decorated for the holidays:).



  5. Miss you too dear friend, but I completely understand what a busy bee you are at the moment...I know the feeling too! Looking forward to catching up with you soon
    Lots of love
    P.S Darling photo of the furbies, am looking at Poppy laying in a similar way with her top half like Kiki's and her bottom half like Boston's! Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are complete and utter perfection...we are so very lucky xoxo

  6. Your dogs are so cute, and I look forward to future posts about your new home.

  7. So nice to read your little note. Looking forward to your pictures and post about new apt.Puppies look very cozy and content.Hoping you are having lots of fun decorating! I know what you mean about first snow, it's magical!

  8. My mistake, no wonder you get snow! lol Can't wait to see your new home!

  9. I miss you and you fantastic pictures... Can't wait to see your new home!

  10. Oh, so lovely to hear what is happening in your life, Dawn. You are so sweet and you are missed here! Must be so fun to decorate new home and await Christmas, & snow & everything magical!! Love and hugs and smooches to the pooches, Sherry

  11. Don't worry my friend, you will get your home in place it all takes time. If it was me I would just snuggle with those 2 little love bunnies in the photo. xo

  12. Hurray!
    I'll be seeing you so looking forward to actually being in the same room, especially your new home with you my darling.

  13. Hi Country Girl! Your pups are so sweet. Enjoy your first snow. I wish you peaceful moments!

  14. "...with the heart of a child..."

    Said so well!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  15. You are sooooo creative, I just know that you will put your own personal stamp on your lovely new home. I can hardly wait to see your pictures.

  16. i have missed you...came by today to see what was up....looks like you're still getting settled in...i am thinking about you and sending love.....

    kary and teddy



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