Monday, February 14, 2011

Every Day Love

I wish you could have tasted this cake. Simple chocolate with cream cheese frosting, topped with perfectly ripe strawberries. So perfect. Turning 30 was a joy!

This winter is dragging on, but good things are happening, despite the fact that I haven't been here much to write about it.

Even though the forest was white with snow this morning, the birds were singing like it was Spring. I couldn't believe how loud they were! I thought, They really do carry faith within them, to sing like that on a day like this. I am hungry for green, so impatient for growth and new beginnings! But then my heart tells me to use these last cold weeks for creativity, tea, and cookies.

On this day, Valentine's Day, I want to wish you all Every Day Love. Love every day. Not just on a holiday. Every day. That's my wish for you!

xoxo country girl


  1. I've been waiting on your words, they always touch me! Happy ♥ Day!

  2. Mmm... that cake looks delicious. What a beautiful day it was here too; 60 degrees, if you can believe it!

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day :) ♥

  3. oooh -- yum! What kind of frosting is that? It looks so thick and creamy!

  4. Hey Tina!

    It's cream cheese frosting, my favorite!

  5. oh wow, it look lovely! did you bake this? i am a terrible baker :(
    you have a beautiful blog, i am trying to find the time to go back to your earlier post and to start reading from the beginning. i also have a little angel.

    happy valentine to you too

  6. Oh Dawn..what a yummy looking cake that is! I bet it was delicious!! We too are anxious for some green...our temps are to wam up to the 50's by tomorrow!! So to me that is just one nice day closer to spring!!!

    Love seeing you on here again!!! You have been missed.

    xoxo Gert

  7. Oh, I feel the same way...longing for spring and warm, but not eager to leave the snuggle down, lazy, creative evenings of winter...

  8. that cake looks amazing! i hope you had a beautiful day!! xox

  9. So glad to hear from you - was worried about where you might have disappeared to! I can't believe you turned 30! When did this happen? I hope you were spoilt? A belated Happy Birthday!xxx

  10. Glad you had a great birthday Dawn! I hoped you would :)

  11. Happy belated birthday! I love your blog and have missed your words. Glad to see this new post and the delicious cake. Hope you are doing well...

  12. I have to admit I've really missed your frequent blog posts. So nice to see a new one and know you must be busy as a bee with your etsy shop and new home. Your cake looks beautiful and delicious. Looking forward to all your future posts. Have a lovely 30th year!

  13. wishing you love and happiness as well...that cake looks delicious!

  14. hope you had a great birthday, sweet Dawn!

  15. Sweet Dawn, it is so good to see your posts once more and to hear of the sights and sounds of nature through you! Oh, your cake looks heavenly and what perfect berries!!! Wonderful to have a birthday filled with surprises and know it will be a year filling with blessings!! Hugs, Sherry xx

  16. hey you:),

    welcome back! and happy be-lated birthday. welcome to the wonderful 30:). i'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you and can't wait to hear more! spring is just around the corner... that cake looks delicious.



  17. happy belated birthday to a especially wonderful person! i hope you enjoyed your day and were surrounded by love!
    this cake looks divine....and so festive! i love what you wrote about the singing birdies and their great.
    thinking of you!

  18. I've missed your posts so much Dawn!
    Happy birthday, your cake looks just lovely.
    I hope that you had a lovely day and a lovely heart day too.

  19. hello my sweet friend...happy to see you here today...what a beautiful cake...happy 3oth to you....

    Spring is right around the corner


    Sending Love,
    kary and teddy

  20. That cake looks divine and what better way to celebrate a birthday. Happy belated birthday!




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