Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Boy's Nursery

Since finding out the exciting news that we're expecting a son, I've been sifting through pinterest, looking for inspiration for our little boy's room. Here are some of my favorites, whose colors, atmosphere, and style I love!

Our little son has been moving around so much in my belly lately, and I love lying on the couch, feeling his kicks and punches. We've reached the middle mark (wow!) and I already I feel like I can hardly wait to meet our boy and hold him in my arms.

It's funny to wake up in the morning, pregnant, realizing that this is such a special time, and feeling like it is slipping by so quickly. I often find myself needing to sit still and just be in the moment, fully and consciously experiencing this amazing point in my life, knowing that everything is in the process of enormous, transforming change. My body reminds me all the time, under the shower, looking down at this growing belly, noticing how my feet are slowly disappearing. Or when I put on lotion and feel how my belly button is getting shallow.

Such a precious time!

xoxo country girl


  1. OH! I missed your last post so I am happy to know you are having a boy! Love the style of the nurseries! Hope you LOVE every minute of the delicious anticipation!!
    Wishing you the best!
    Kay Guest

  2. It is a precious time =) Congrats on the halfway mark. I almost feel guilty because I am wishing the days away hoping August would hurry up already. Feeling the baby move is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. Enjoy every moment and thanks for reminding me to stop and enjoy this gift we are experiencing.

  3. well, hallelujah! boys are the most wonderful gift
    of all time. he will always think you are beautiful
    and love you even when you are old and grey.

    i adore my three girls, but they all know i melt
    for their brothers. :)


  4. Gorgeous photos - I really like your style and ideas! Ah!!! What can I say that I haven't said already before...pure

  5. Adorable! I particularly like the second to last one!

  6. Do all the "couple" things you can now because once the little guy comes, you will be exhausted and busy every moment, happily so of course!

    Such an exciting time,

  7. I love the I'm just so happy for you and glad you are enjoying this beautiful journey!!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Love the first room! (and not only!) There's something fascinating about playing/ reading in a tent.
    Enjoy the second half of the ride!

  9. I just love the letters----I love words and the letters in all of their different shapes, patterns and colors and sizes is such fun! I know you will pick the one that you both love and that you will feel is best for all of you!

  10. SUCH a precious time, I agree:). Enjoy & savor it! You look lovely in the next post- so happy for you:). And i'm sure you will slip into motherhood with total ease- you are a natural:). Maybe I'm biased since I have a boy, but there is something so sweet about them. They have such a strong connection with their mamas. And I said the same thing that you did, I couldn't WAIT to meet the little guy. And it's the best feeling in the world.
    Have a lovely, lovely summer being pregnant and enjoy the little kicks:). I can't wait to see nursery photos:).



  11. what a lovely room he will have ! Those inspiration photos are gorgeous -- I love the teepee especially: very Bolinas! :)

  12. all are so lovely - i really love the map room

  13. Your son's room will be lovely, no doubt! I can't wait to see your vision for it! :)

  14. an amazing wonderful time indeed! you have collected beautiful images of little boy spaces and things....i can't wait to see what a special spot you will make for your little man!
    sending love



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