Monday, April 5, 2010

a tumultuous weekend

Thank you for all the comfort and advice. 
This has been a tumultuous weekend.
Right now the family is torn apart, and I can only wait and wonder how things will mend, or if they will mend at all. I really hope so. 
It's a strange feeling to have this family so at odds with one another when deep in my heart, I think none of us want that.
And yet, apparantly, there are things which needed to be revealed, and boundaries which had to be drawn.
As always, something beautiful came out of all this pain and yelling: the loyalty and love between my husband and myself.
It's more palpable now than ever.

xoxo country girl


  1. yep thats what it's about your family unit and your unit rules. They may clash but they're going to have to respect them, it's the way it works and they may not remember it but they also did it when they created their unit. You'll be fine. Today we went throug some yelling and issues, but I seriously ended up laughing at their hypocrisy and walking out, they're not worth my pain.

  2. I'm so sorry, dear Country Girl, but my heart feels happy that you are so strong with your man. I'm teary because your descriptions resemble much of what's been happening in my family too. But the boundaries ARE being drawn, the poison is being drawn out, and maybe one day there will be peace. I do hope so. Big hug to you as you weather this storm.

  3. I so know what you mean. I am now at a point where I daily remind myself of all the suffering my mil has caused me through the years, to avoid being found with my defences down, unguarded and hurt again.
    Your little family is the only thing that matters now and, hey, it's April; you need to focus on happy prospects.

  4. I'm so sorry... you and your family are in my prayers ♥

  5. So sorry this has intruded in your life.

    Wishing it to be all better soon.

  6. Good luck (wouldn't it be nice to be part of a family that was GOOD at conflict, where there was conflict in equal pats with respect and fun!).

  7. i always tell john..everybody has family trouble... sooner or later...
    plenty of trouble here too...on both sides of the family...

    Easter wasn't good here. We sat alone. With all of our family in the SAME TOWN...this one doesn't like that one..and that one doesn't like this know how it goes.....

    i feel the same..just me and John and our little animal family

    sending love and support, my friend


  8. I'm so sorry about this, but am glad that you and Ramon are as strong and united as ever. God bless you and your families...let the healing begin.

    xoxo Gert

  9. To have your husband stand beside you is all you need to care about. The rest is so much noise. Believe it.

  10. i send love to you and your husband.

  11. love to everyone and yes, i hope good things come from this pain you had to endure.

  12. Why are family relationships so damn hard? It's like they have our heart in their hands and they squeeze at will.

    Good thing you have your husband by your side. Sounds like he is a keeper.


  13. I think you handled that situation beautifully, Dawn. He should never have had the nerve to say such a thing-- especially since you are FAR from the definition of FAT. You were kind and polite but not willing to stay and discuss an issue that's NONE of his business to comment on. You handled it well!

    And GOOD for your Husband! He sounds so wonderful!

  14. I pray for you and your family and send lots of positive vibes your way. be still. this too shall pass.

  15. Sorry I missed this post yesterday, I didn't leave the kitchen all day.
    Thinking of you and Ramon...I just know this will be resolved soon and the entire family will be stronger and happier in the end
    Love Morwenna xoxo



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