Thursday, May 6, 2010

Journey to Rabenstein

I am so glad you all loved Mrs. Fischer as much as I did. It was such an experience to meet her and see the little farm where she lives, hidden behind an orchard in a secluded valley.
After we had finished our apple drinks and bread, we set out to see Rabenstein, a very old farmhouse which was now in ruins, but still very beautiful. It was growing cooler as the afternoon wore on, and there was delicate light pouring through the new leaves.

We found a caterpillar, and beautiful sea of woodruff and ground ivy. 

I recently watched a film called Cargo; in it, the world has been destroyed and the surviving people live in a huge spaceship under terrible conditions. A lucky few are able to go to Rhea, which is like other words, paradise. With wheat fields, falling leaves, bountiful gardens...And ever since I saw that film, I feel even more in love and appreciative of nature. This planet is so amazingly beautiful. I hope to keep on enjoying as much of it as I can, while respecting and cherishing it. Just look at Maria and Anna in the middle of this enchanted small in all of that magestic green.

Eventually we came to a clearing where the sun shone warm on our faces. Kiki and Gömbi ran ahead. We were very close to Rabenstein now. As with many open spaces here, there was a hunter's look-out.

We finally came to Rabenstein, with roses and vines taking over. I admired the brick walls which were exposed underneath the crumbling exterior.

One part of it still had some of the paint, yellow and green, classic Austrian. I noticed that accross from this building there were some phlox flowers in bloom...they must have been part of a garden long ago.

To the right of the building there was a pathway marked 'Jakobsweg,' which is the German name for the Way of St. James which leads all the way to Spain. It has always been a dream of mine to make that pilgrimage. 

The state of the building made me wonder about the future of Mrs. Fischer's home, and I hoped that her farmhouse doesn't fall to ruins when she dies. It would be such a shame if it became just another crumbling building, which, over time, no one knows the history of. I don't know the history of Rabenstein, and I wish I did. It must have been such a beautiful home. There were lovely single blossoming trees and old fences surrounding it. Pieces of what used to be a farm.

It was time to head back home. We had seen so much beauty. Almost too much for one day. Our tummies were rumbling and we had a long journey home. But we were happy. So was Kiki.

That evening, with tired bones and joyful hearts, we ordered pizza and watched a movie, while the sky broke and it poured rain on the windows. What a day!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I am off an another adventure. Camera and Kiki in tow, of course. What a very lucky gal I am!

xoxo country girl


  1. You really truly are - what a wonderful part of the world to live in! One day I'd love to visit! xxx

  2. I am thoroughly enchanted. How absolutely gorgeous!

  3. what a beautiful day - gorgeous pictures.

    i love the journeys that you make us a part of.

  4. Gosh I expect it will be one of those days that you shall never forget. Everything sounds and looks wonderful, I am especially intrigued by Jakobsweg, what an incredible adventure it would be to take the journey.
    Hoping the weather is glorious for you tomorrow
    Love Morwenna

  5. Dawn...what an eye you have. Your pictures are amazing and put us into such a wonderous place almost magical! Isn't God good?? To have made all this beauty! How humble we must be!!

    Thank you soooo much for your wonderful blog!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Once again you have taken me on an adventure to yet another wonderful place in the country. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  7. What an amazing day you had; such a gorgeous area!! ♥

  8. The land the crumbling dwelling all tell their own story.


  9. I"m in love with your land, what a wonderful story you have! I love that old building photo!

  10. You live in a magical place. I will come back when I have more time to read about Mrs. Fischer.

  11. Love your story & picture telling style!
    Wow...what a cool place.
    It always makes me want to 'fix it up' when I see something that once was beautiful and thriving and is now abandoned. Wonder what you will find out about the history.

  12. I enjoyed this walk with you and hope Mrs. Fischer's home will be preserved in future. This is a beautiful area.

  13. Your narrative is as compelling as your exquisite photography. Thanks, Dawn

  14. I love reading about your adventures and the pictures make me feel almost as if I've been on a beautiful walk, too.

  15. gorgeous! like an enchanted forest.

  16. wow...what a day..perfect....

    don't you always wonder who lived there...what their life was like....who tended and loved the garden..who planted that blooming tree...

    what a beautiful day....and then pizza to top it kind of day

    sending love, my sweet
    kary and teddy

  17. Another magical day at the countryside!
    Have you been working on Kiki La Ru? I can hardly wait to see what you've made.



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