Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is what my life looks like lately. Isn't it a beautiful chaotic cuddly mess?

Boston grows every day, and the friendship between he and Kiki gets stronger. I hear them rough-housing in the other room while I type and my heart sighs with content.

There is alot of pee and poo, alot of dog hair and alot of vaccuuming up dog hair...trips to the vet, planning for the new apartment, visits from friends, a shower here and there to wash off bits of grass and puppy kisses, grocery shopping and cooking dinner, changing bedding, baking oatmeal cream pies, taking cautious walks watching out for big dogs and anything little pups might want to swallow, making cake bunting for Halloween and Christmas, hurrying to the post office to send off orders, trying to give equal attention to both dogs, and worrying that Boston will never stop using our home as a toilet.

Did I mention vaccuuming up dog hair? There's alot of that. Alot.

So many great things, stressful things, fun things, annoying things. Life!

I hope you are all doing well....enjoying the beauty and the chaos called 'living.'

Sending you all so much love....

xoxo country girl

P.s. Hop over to Lana Lou's lovely blog where she has featured my current Wish List!
I wonder what's on yours? 


  1. What a lovely story your photos paint! So nice to see they are becoming the best of friends. I told you they would. It's just in Cavaliers, it's bound to happen and can't be stopped, they just are a bundle of LOVE. As for dog hair....tell me about it. I vacuum everyday. Our tri-colour is much more hairy than the blenheim and I find tufts of black hair everywhere. I bought myself an ENJO mop recently and it is amazing, cuts down the hair pickup to 10 minutes instead of vacuuming for 30 minutes. ENJO is an Austrian brand so you should be able to get it over there.

    Enjoy your puppies!

  2. Absolutely the sweetest pictures!!!! So happy that Boston and Kiki are becoming good friends. And I had to laugh about the dog hair! We have a dog and I just finished vacuuming up all of her dog hair - it's everywhere!

  3. Sounds like a lot of excitement - would you have it any other way? :)
    I just have one cat and am amazed at how much hair she leaves everywhere ~
    Take care and continue to enjoy these little things everyday!
    xo Sarah

  4. that picture of boston & kiki with boston napping on the shoe: priceless! looks like you have lots of sweet, wonderful things going on right now. love the halloween bunting!

  5. looks like you've been keeping busy...but having some pretty precious moments! :) I did your '4 goals' post and referenced you, so you'll have to check it out. Sending you peace & joy!! ><>

  6. Looks pretty beautiful...your life...and special...I hope you are really happy xxx

  7. Oh my gosh Dawn..I just love your pictures and your puppies are so cute!!! If I wondered what LOVE looked like..those puppies are it:) You sound so busy with your new etsy business!! This is a wonderful--busy life!! thank you so much for sharing this beautifl life with us!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. oh dawn...this brings tears of happiness to me...i am over the moon HAPPY for you..look at your 2 sweeties...they are IN LOVE !!!!

    just melts your heart...

    love the cookies and the bunting is beyond adorable...sounds alot like our house here...

    toys all over the house...pick them up..put them in the basket..and teddy takes them back out...round and round we go...and i LOVE it much life here...all good things...

    and yep...poopy and pee...sometimes we say..hey...where is poopy pee???? oh..there he is

    and we wouldn't have it any other way
    makes my heart fill with warmth knowing you have these little lambs of love...heading into Fall and Christmas...

    they are a treasure !!!!

    sending love, my sweet friend
    kary and teddy

  9. Wow wow sooo cute!
    So glad Kiki is warming up to having a new member in the den and I love how you describe them playing in the next room...I think it's so great that she now has a constant companion, someone who will always be there. I think it's wonderful.
    Wishing you a continued happy life including creative chaos!

  10. hair gets everwhere!

  11. So, you would recommend the buttercream frosting? I bet they are delicious! I am loving your October bunting, too. It's so wonderful to watch you succeeding in spreading your love of creativity and pretty things! :)

  12. oh sweet dawn;
    how wonderful!i love your photos....what a sweet little pair! friends to be cute are they playing and all curled up for a nap? love it!
    thinking of you so often with love

  13. I love seeing all the busyness that is going on in your home What lovely Halloween bunting!
    Enjoy the craziness/busyness of it all.

  14. You sound.... very HAPPY! It is so good to hear!


    I think you have cornered the market on cute, adorable dogs. They are just too perfect. Lucky you!

  15. Beautiful photos! ...And your "Turkish Delight" looks heavenly:)

    Have a lovely day, Country Girl!

  16. ~*~Im so happy I found your lovely blog! I just LOVE your precious babies~*~They are so adorable!! :) We traveled to Austria when we lived in Germany 11 years ago..such a beautiful place to be~*~*Blessings,Rachel

  17. just stopping by to say HI...and I LOVE your new header...


    happy end of august

    sending love,
    kary and little teddy
    hugs to eveybody there

  18. I obviously have not been by in a while!! You have a new puppy that looks just like moi! When Becky came to live here I was not sure about it, but ok don't tell, I now love to cuddle with her
    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About



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