Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Perfect Morning

Tulips on the kitchen counter; creeks singing with melted snow; doggies exploring the water and the woods; wild garlic, wild flowers, and frog eggs; two happy puppies resting after an adventurous trip in the forest.

A perfect morning!

xoxo country girl


  1. LOVE the last picture of your two lazing together - my two (also a blenheim and a tri) are the exact same, will lay anywhere that's comfy together :)

  2. It certainly seems like it was! The parrot tulips are stunning as is everything else in your photos. You are so lucky to have seen frogspawn, I haven't seen any yet.
    Last night I went in search of wild garlic, but to no avail. I hope I will find some soon.
    Gosh Boston looks so much like Poppy, that same little look that makes your heart melt and all you can do is give them a huge cuddle, a kiss and to tell them how much you love them.
    Wishing you a perfect afternoon
    Love Morwenna

  3. Oh Dawn what lovely pictures..just happy you take us along in your adventure through the Forrest each day... Love...love...love! Puppies look so content! have a blessed day!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Ah lucky you! Thanks for sharing it with us though! xxx

  5. those frog eggs are beautiful!!! Spring is most certainly coming your way!!!

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful it makes me feel like I am there walking in the woods (one of my favorite things to do) So happy to see Boston and Kiki together on sofa-they are darling. I've never looked for frog eggs but I will take a look next time when I'm out for a walk in park. There are lots of places that have creeks and streams.
    The tulips are gorgeous!

  7. I love the woods filled with wonderful edibles---so delicate! And, the sleeping puppies after their adventure!! Soon, a little child will be asleep as well after a morning's walk and you will teach that child all you know....the writing, the singing, the baking....the wonders and joys of the simplest of things!! How exciting!!

  8. Oh, the joys of a lovely spring day, Dawn!! Your flowers are sooo charming and so are the puppies!! Lucky girl!! Thank you for sharing your forest with us. Still snow in our mountains with the little shoots waiting for the right moment...soon, very soon : ) Love and hugs on this gorgeous day, Sherry xxx

  9. As always, your photos are just beautiful!



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