Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things We Saw Today

Just as I was leaving the apartment with the dogs, camera and water bottle packed, my friend Tini came around the corner with her little dog Ena on a surprise visit. So we headed out into the woods together, where the sun soaked our faces and there was so much new life growing on the forest floor.

These are called Buschwindröschen in German and are one of the first flowers to open their lovely little faces in March. There are parts of the forest that are absolutely covered in these. Common english names include wood anemone, windflower, thimbleweed, and smell fox. They are such a delight, and give the appearance of a fairy wood.

This tree has a face! I don't know if someone carved it, or if it grew naturally. But it sure has a lot of character. He looks a bit stern, doesn't he?

We almost stepped on this fellow, sunning himself on the rocks. A beautiful coppery gold. It looks like a snake, but is actually a 'blind worm' or 'slow worm,' a limbless lizard. They are quite common here, and completely harmless.

We found these flowering plants growing quite profusely in one specific area of the forest, right nearby the creek. I have never seen it before and hope my friend Gerit will be able to identify it for me. (EDIT: plant has been identified as Cardamine enneaphyllos.) It amazes me how I can walk in these woods every day and still discover new plants each year.

Nature is truly so amazing and diverse.

My husband left on a business trip to Spain today and won't be back until Monday, so I'll be a work-widow for the next few days. I hope you'll keep me company!

xoxo country girl


  1. Aren't you lucky living near such lovely woods to walk in each day! I love walking out and about in nature and seeing what new things I can find. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. I am so jealous of the lovely walks you have, we have to drive quite far to get something as pretty. The picture of the tree face is so cute :)

  3. what a wonderful walk--the worm would not be my idea of a good time--we have so many snakes here; I see them always when I garden---they frighten me; maybe I'll call mine worms, too! It may make me feel better about them!! Beautiful!! And the faced tree? CUTE!! Nature is amazing!

  4. I'm always amazed by your knowledge of the woodlands anyway Dawn! You take such an usual beautiful photos and looks like a lovely day where you are. Here it is grey and I have a cold but I think a good nights sleep should help! xxx

  5. What a beautiful walk & signs of Spring everywhere ♥

  6. I'd move there just for the countryside and wood walks! Lovely!

  7. Lovely to join you on your walk Dawn! That plant may be what we call Angelica? Anyway, love the pictures xxx

  8. i just love all your nature photos, always so beautiful!! that tree is so neat :)

  9. How's your tummy coming along? I remember one of the hardest things when I was expecting my babies was bending over to put our dog's leash on. But then again, it seems as though your puppies don't use leashes...lucky them.

  10. teddy and i will keep you company....

    sending Springtime Sunshine

    kary and teddy

  11. Such beautiful scenery! That snake-thing gives me goosebumps though! Eeek! I'm such a baby:-) xoxo

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog today so that I could find yours. It's magical. And I am getting so excited about Switzerland looking at the pictures of wildflowers and spring walks. Hooray! love, Beth



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