Saturday, June 25, 2011

28 Weeks

This photograph was taken a week ago, but I haven't taken a new one since. (Can you see little Kiki?) I'm a little sad that Ramon and I don't have any photographs of both of us with my pregnancy bump, but there is still time.

Today wasn't the best day, I have to admit. I was woken by a phone call about my aunt's poor condition after an operation, and then walked into the nursery to find that Boston had peed on a few things. Luckily they were washable. But I was in a strange mood for the rest of the day. Very low energy, and with growing pains in my ever-stretching belly. I tried taking a bubble bath, which did help a little. But some days are just like that, aren't don't mind going to bed at the end of them because you are hoping that tomorrow will be better!

Last night I had a burst of energy and a surge of nesting syndrome, and cooked up three different soups to freeze for after Raffi's birth: Chicken Wild Rice, Cream of Pumpkin, and Potato Leek. I will try to do this a few times before the baby is born. Also planning on baking and freezing muffins and cookies. I just have this itch, and feel like I need to be preparing!

It's crazy to say this at the beginning of the third trimester, but I already feel like I have been and will be pregnant forever. I am getting so impatient to welcome Rafael, to see his face and hold him in my arms. For him to be really, really real!

Here's the latest pregnancy survey. :)

  • How far along?: 28 weeks.

  • Total weight gain: 18 lbs (haven't gained anything in the past couple of weeks...just the baby!)

  • How big is baby?: Approx 2 1/2 lbs

  • Maternity clothes?: Sporting stretchy yoga pants, tank tops, and airy cotton cardigans.

  • Stretch marks?: Unfortunately on my breasts; none on the belly, though.

  • Sleep?: Have been sleeping pretty well, besides having very bizarre dreams.

  • Best moment this week?: The best times have been napping at midday with the doggies. I love how, when I plop on the couch, they rush in to join me.

  • Movement?: Yes, a lot of movement. And Rafael loves to bunch up on the left side of my belly, making it lop-sided. 

  • Food cravings?: Peanut butter, butter, butterfingers.

  • Labor signs?: Thank goodness NO. Have been experiencing plenty of Braxton-Hicks contractions, though.

  • Belly button in or out?: It's getting flatter every day.

  • What I miss: I miss my husband! He has been in Holland on business and I am so glad that he's coming home tomorrow, even though it's just for two days and then he's off to Italy!

  • What I'm looking forward to: I'm always looking forward to another week passing, so that I am one more week closer to meeting Rafael.

  • Milestone: I've begun the third and final trimester

  • xoxo country girl

    1. The night before my niece was born, my Mom and I went out to dinner with my pregnant sister. This was going to be the first baby in our family, first grandchild. My sister and I were saying that we couldn't wait until she got Mom, full of experience, said enjoy dinner tonight because this will be the last relaxing meal for a long time! Oh, how right she was.

      So, enjoy the time to relax. Hard, I know, because the anticipation is killing you! Such an exciting time.

      Love the photos & updates,

    2. Oh Dawn you look beautiful!!! I sure hope tomorrow will be a better day...which I'm sure it will be by having Ramon home with you:) But isn't it nice to have those cute little puppies there with you?? smile... (except when their naughty...hee hee) You are so and baking!!! Now that is a great plan!! My prayers are with you and for your aunt. Have a blessed evening!!

      xoxo Gert

    3. You look sooooo....Adorable...Oh I see that my dear friend Gert is here....I must go and say hello to her... : )

      I am looking forward to seeing your Sweet Bundle...


    4. Treasure each day, Dawn...things will change soon and be a different happiness for you and Ramon. You look so lovely and radiant and be sure to snag hubby inbetween trips to get the photo you desire. I am so so sorry to hear of your aunt and will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers! Sending you, Raffi, and the puppies special hugs!...Love, Sherry xx

    5. This may seem strange, but believe it or not, once you have Rafael you will miss having him inside you. You'll reach down to cradle your belly, you'll expect to feel him doing somersaults, so many movements, but they'll be gone. I found myself resting my hands where they once felt my Noah.

      I am so happy Ramon is going to be home and that you are doing beautifully.



    6. awwwww...I so wish I could be there with you, plopping on the couch napping, watching your belly get lop sided and feeling Rafael moving around...I too so look forward to holding him and loving him.

    7. Dearest Dawn, you look beautiful, you ARE beautiful! Enjoy this time, even though it's hard'll feel better once Ramon is home with you (so will he!) Tell that naughty little Boston to behave! Love you sweetheart xoxo Rachel

    8. Looking good Dawn! There will always be some low days -happens with everyone pregnant or not - but you are looking great and great things are on their way! :) xxx

    9. lots of love to you lovely Country Girl! You look just stunning in your latest photo.
      I'm sorry you have had some down days. I get those too. Just remember to be extra kind to yourself on those days. Do something special just for yourself. Pick up a magazine or some flowers or bake something special.
      Also, like you sure to get at least one photo of you and Ramon with that baby bump. You'll be glad you did. xoxo

    10. Hi Dawn! You look so gorgeous! What a good job you're doing of baby making. I wanted to tell you about a photo my girlfriend and her husband took of baby bumps. He put a pillow under his shirt, they both turned sideways and "bumped" each other -- it's such a darling photo♥ Can't wait to see the first photos of Rafael! Have a wonderful day! xoxo Love, Susan

    11. i see this photo and it makes me smile from ear to ear.
      i send you armfuls of love, my friend.



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