Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, June!

Happy June everyone!

This home is in a peony frenzy. My mother-in-law brings me arm-fulls from her garden, so just as one arrangement is fading, I can replace them with fresh bunches of flowers that seem almost too gorgeous and fragrant to be true.

Lucky for me, it hasn't stayed hot for long stretches; sweltering days are, more often than not, broken by wild storms which cool off the land and bring relief. The dogs and I are becoming experts at taking walks just when there is a pause in rain. Then we make our way to the damp, dripping forest, and smell the wet soil, and hear the birds singing cheerily.

Today, on our morning walk, it hit me so strong that these are the last few months of life as I know it. My life will be changed forever with the arrival of our son. It's something so exciting and mysterious on the horizon, and it really struck me that I am on the edge of so many new experiences.

Pregnancy itself is such a unique experience. At times it feels so natural that I almost forget. Other times it's so uncomfortable and all-comsuming that I seem to be defined by pregnancy.

My favorite thing about being pregnant is definitely feeling Rafael kick and move. He is already so alive, living the very beginnings of his life inside of me as I go about my day. Growing....listening....sharing this body with me and needing me so much already. At the ultrasound on Tuesday (with my new wonderful doctor!!) we all could hardly believe it when Rafael began smacking him lips and then sucking on his fingers as we watched the screen in awe. He is a little over 800 grams now, the average size and weight for his gestational age. The doctor said she is 'very happy with the baby.' And then added that she is happy with me, too. I love my new doctor!

I am going to love Rafael so much. I am going to learn so much because of him. His birth and existence will transform us, will transform our lives.

I try not to think about it too much because it's almost too big and profound to handle!

xoxo country girl


  1. He's beautiful already!!! First of all Dawn---you look gorgeous and I LOVE how you are enjoying this!!! Your realization of limited time 'as it is now' is wonderful. Every part of our lives has magical moments---and this is special!! So, if you both want to have picnics outdoors ALONE, go to movies, sit and talk, cuddle, sleep in, have a breakfast together, NOW is the time!!! Then your new baby will arrive and he will be welcomed like the Spring!!

  2. I know itmight feel like it all the time, but you've got that beautiful pregnant lady thing down! Avara glowed with life inside her. So do you!

    Much love,

  3. So happy for you... you look beautiful! ♥

  4. You're looking fab, Dawn... and those flowers are really gorgeous too! :)

  5. Oh my gosh look amazing and so beautiful!! I just know you and your puppies along with baby Rafael will have some wonderful long walks in the woods!!! Can't wait to see if I'm right:)

    Bless you sweet lady..

    xoxo Gert

  6. What a Beautiful Baby Belly...It seems just like yesterday we brought our 5th baby home...he is not 13mths...You most certainly have that pregnancy GLOW!!

    The pictures of the flowers are Lovely by the way..

  7. hi dawn!
    i now check your blog regularly.... love seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts.
    those peony's are gorgeous. i have a friend who did a whole photo series on that flower... it is one of the sacred flowers of Buddhism i think. maybe in china. you are looking SO good! i am so happy for you.
    much love, trishna

  8. I adore peonies! My favourite flowers are nasturtiums but peonies are a close second. I wish i had someone delivering armfuls of peonies to my house... lucky duck.

    You look wonderful. Your bump (aka Rafael) is as cute as a button!!

  9. You have a wonderful way of sweeping us up with your emotions...I just get ooba excited whenever I read your blog!!! xxx

  10. I'm sure you already are, but I highly advise you to keep a journal through your pregnacy, looking back on mine, it's truly amazing! Your baby belly is perfectly round, love it! And bless your MIL for keeping your home in flowers, how lovely!!

  11. Oh my gosh, those flowers are beautiful. Made me happy just to see them. So glad everything is going well. It is an amazing time for you and your family, thank you for sharing it with us. Enjoy everyday!


    How is the garden coming along?

  12. Hi, Dawn!! Your peonies are stunningly beautiful! I don't have any here, but so remember them when I was little in upstate NY! How lucky to have them replenished!!
    You look so beautiful and radiant and full of life itself!! Enjoy extra couple time now, because things are changing and will be wonderfully different!!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  13. Ahh beautiful post Dawn, I love every moment :) Lov seeing you happy and glowing, handsome Boston, pretty Kiki and we all know that my knees go weak at the mere mention of peonies!
    Love Morwenna xoxo

  14. You look a lot like a peony yourself! Beautiful! xoxo Susan

  15. Very, very, very, very happy for you and the baby.



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