Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hoarfrost Over A Quiet Village

Last night on an evening walk I could have sworn I smelled snow. That cold, sweet, clean smell.

There was no snow, but all the tree tops were heavy and white with hoarfrost early this morning. I bundled Rafael up into his carrier and set out down the village street which leads to the woods. Houses had blue smoke seeping out of their chimneys. It was very still and we were the only ones out, though there was a group of crows flying low in the grey sky.

Tiny kernels of ice floated on the air which could have been mistaken for snow, but were really only bits of frost sifting down from the branches. Raffi observed everything with his inquisitive eyes, but was still sleepy, and soon closed them, napping while I stopped to take photographs. He looked so cozy, like a little chipmunk cuddled in for winter.

I took a few pictures in the icy forest, which you can see over at the phenologist.

I would say Winter has begun here in this peaceful little corner of the world. Soon Rafael will see his first snow.


  1. Those are wonderful photos, and the dearest one is of you and Raffi.


  2. Hoarfrost is so rare and pretty.

  3. ...small show...that means you can start listening to Christmas songs!!! Yay.

  4. How much do I love this blog! It's absolutely beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Your little one is a treasure. Hxx

  6. How peaceful and sleepy everything look. Make you feel relaxed. You live in a wonderful part of the world. So close to nature. You are a lucky lady. Rafael is gorgeous!



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