Thursday, November 17, 2011

November on the Little Ranch

On Rafael's 2 month birthday, I walked with him to the little ranch on the edge of town where there are sheep and ponies. I know he is still too young to really notice them, but going there with him made me look forward to the many times we will visit the animals in coming years with carrots and oats in hand.

I get swept up in anticipation and filled with happiness when I imagine all the things we will share, all the things I will show him, and the fun he'll have.

Thank you for all the congratulations; there are so many moments each day when I can hardly believe my luck to have been blessed with this amazing little being.


  1. The world is his to explore! Thankfully he has a adventurous Mom to take him places and to preserve it all on film! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures of the farm Dawn , you are surrounded by nature and i love all your pictures little Rafi will have so much fun ,

    Have a Nice Day

    Mary Chicago il

  3. Oh my have amazing area's to see and visit!!! And you capture it so beautifully for us to view!

    xoxo Gert

  4. He is going to be a very happy little fellow having to discover with his mummy all these nature's treasure! You are lucky to lieve in such a beautiful spot.Kisses!
    mamma Carla

  5. It wasn't luck that you blessed with your little baby boy. You were just plain blessed! I am really happy for you.
    I happened upon your blog awhile back and check it every once in awhile. You sure live in a pretty area of the world. So far from where your from! I too grew up in northern California and then later lived in hawaii until I got married and I ended up marrying a Canadian boy and lived in far away Nova Scotia for 5 years before returning west.
    Enjoy that baby of yours just like your doing. I'm telling you it goes by fast!

  6. I understand what you mean, in fact when seeing things with a baby it's like discovering them again for the first time
    ciao Mada, (and ciao mamma Carla)



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