Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Spring Home

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of our home in it's Spring dress. For me, the Spring interior is about keeping the decor sparse, but with lots of plants and flowers indoors and out.

On the terrace I have begun a collection of potted plants: basil, strawberries, tomatoes, and roses. I've sown some seeds and hope they will sprout soon; pumpkins large and small (to climb the wire fence), cosmos, knee-high sunflowers, and poppies.

As you can see, the trees have burst into green this past week; looking out of our windows, it feels like we are living in a tree house. It is so beautiful!

I've also shared a peek into Rafael's kingdom. His library in the hallway was made with plate shelves, and the 'poster' above them is actually a piece of wrapping paper. So much cheaper than a real poster and just as fun and pretty! Then there are a couple of shelves in his room with tiny alphabet bunting, stuffed animals, and a handmade polka-dot elephant head. Another favorite detail: the tiny blue rabbit head with a little bow tie. Can you see it?

The dogs have been so tiring lately, especially Kiki (do they look like they've been scolded in that one photo?). I don't know if it's because they aren't getting my full attention anymore, but they don't listen and do all sorts of naughty things on our walks. I get so frustrated sometimes. It's not easy having a baby and two dogs. Not to mention that they give me so much more to clean with all the dirt and bits of sticks and leaves they drag in with them. Will it get easier? I hope so.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!



  1. Hi Dawn. Your house looks lovely with all of your spring touches, and yes, you are right, it does look like you live on a tree house, just lovely! Poor Kiki, she does look like she may have gotten a bit in trouble...I know that look too well unfortunately. Hope you have a great weekend, lots' of hugs to little Rafael.


  2. Dawn I feel for you. I do understand the work involved in keeping the puppies happy and yet clean. Cavaliers are indoor dogs who need lots of love and cuddles and wouldnt be happy to be locked outside when they're dirty. I resisted the urge to get them clipped for 3 years because I do love their lovely feathering, but this year I finally gave in and got them both clipped, its made such a difference to the workload. Jasper especially was always getting bits of twigs and seeds stuck in his belly and paw fur. I know you love walking them through the woods. Im sure you'll find a happy solution to keep them both happy and yet give you plenty of time for your little one. I always say I have 4 children not just 2 because the dogs are forever like small children needing attention. You're house always looks lovely and I really love the use of those plate racks as bookshelves. Wont be long and Rafael will be walking and can keep them happy running around with him.

  3. I've always wanted to ask you if you cleaned their paws and fur before bringing them back inside your house. Our dogs are constantly running around the garden and then they come inside and I find myself always vaccuming and mopping. We live in Mexico, so we have tile floors, not carpeting. I have two young daughters and house full of pets. It gets easier with time. Hang in there and your house looks beautiful! :)

  4. Dearest Dawn, what a beautifully light & airy home you have - it literally lifts my spirits to see it, with the little pops of colours & interest that you have set against the calming neutral shades. A wonderful place for a little boy to grow & flourish! As for those doggies - Alice is somewhat similar, although very good on walks (thankfully) I had 2 girlfriends over for a special tea last week & she was a real pain, demanding attention. I had to shut her out. We spoil her, so I know it's really our fault. But still annoying! I'm sure that Kiki & Boston will calm down when they realise that Raffi is a permanent fixture!! As you know, my parents have a little Cavalier (Jojo) & she creates so much mess...shedding hair & trailing I do sympathise. they have her trimmed too, which does seem to help a little. Sending much love xoxo

  5. I was wondering how the dogs were taking to having a baby in the house!! And the house looks peaceful, I know I've told you this before, but I'm not a fan of white, I need color, but you pull it off perfectly!!

  6. Your house is so pretty, my favorite part is your deck. Romantic dinners out there or rocking Raffi to sleep, it must be a joy to have. Could the doggies be having spring fever? I have noticed over the years that my animals get spring fever... very frisky, very playful, even our horses did.

    A few mentioned trimming them to make less work. We had our St. Bernard shaved in the summer (not too short). She was cooler and it was a lot less hair in the house. My Mom has a big, white fluffy cat that she gets shaved in the summer too. She leaves the tail, some of the mane and legs alone, but the groomer shaves the rest. It turns out really adorable.

    Your house is just lovely,

  7. Hey all! I don't know if you can notice it in the photos, but I've trimmed Kiki and Boston a week ago! A lot less hair is being shed, thank goodness. However, spring rains are making puddles and muddy paths, so my floors are constantly dirty. What bugs me the most is having to repeat myself what feels like a million times: "Stop barking!" "Get off the lawn!" (We just planted new grass.) "No begging!" "Stop jumping on the baby for his food!" These are things I say so many times throughout the day, and there are moments where I almost cry from frustration. I look at my friends who have babies and no dogs and think, "They have it so easy!" On days when all the dogs seem to give me is more work, more dirt, and more frustration, I ask myself, Why did I ever get dogs? I hope this feeling will pass soon. I am also pretty sure that things will get better once Rafael is able to play with them.
    Thanks for all of your notes!

  8. Oh Dawn what a lovely home you have! Love your plants on your deck! The dogs are so sweet...I know they can be a pain..but they love you unconditional !

    Enjoy little Rafael.


  9. Aww, Just remember all the un-conditional love and support your furry kids have given you over the years when you needed Kiki and Boston most!!!. They love you and thier new baby brother and are just a little jealous that Rafael is getting most of your attention. Keep smiling, it gets easier :)

  10. Please can yo tell me what was the beverage that made you feel well after giving birth to your baby, it was a mix of a fizzy bought thing and something else, I want to suggest it to my daughter who has just had a baby girl on the 5 of May. Thank you, ciao Mada

  11. Hi Mada! It was ginger ale with cranberry juice. Congratulations on your new granchild!!

  12. grazieeee, I have looked around in your blog and today asked on Jamie's forum. My nipotina is 8 days old today, and you know everything makes the mother well is a great help.
    ciao and be sure I follow your wonderful blog when I'm not in my veg garden or waiting for a call by my grand children
    thank you again



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