Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Afternoon On The Farm

My friend Gerit lives on a tiny farm in the neighboring village. The sun was shining, there was the most refreshing breeze, and Rafael and I wanted to see chickens and ducks. So it was off to the little farm!

Flowering apple trees, a little white duck in the lush green grass, and a church tower in the back. Truly a piece of paradise.

A farm girl's work is never done. Gerit lugs water from the stream to water her vegetable garden and keep the ducks and chickens hydrated.

I was so excited to show Rafael the chicken coop, where there were light blue and white eggs tucked into the hay and feathers.

Gerit made us delicious oatmeal muffins baked in glass jars and a sweet topfen with dandelion petals and streaks of sandthorn oil. We sat in her yard, surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, and enjoyed the sound of wind through branches and birds singing.

Hope your Sunday was beautiful!


P.S. You can see more of my visits to Gerit's lovely little farm in this old post, and this old post.


  1. What a beautiful spot!
    You & Rafael look very happy there ♥ Beautiful photos Dawn.

  2. Love seeing a picture of you and Rafael, so very happy together. What a beautiful farm your friend has.

  3. I think I see a little tooth on the bottom in Raffi's picture? Tell your friend she looks quite chic doing her chores!:)


  4. I know I've said it before, but you really do live in a magical place!!!

  5. How beautiful it is there! I can't believe how a warm and green it looks in your neck of the woods. You look so happy and like you are beaming in your photo. Much much much love to you! xox

  6. A beautiful farm and gorgeous countryside! We live in an old farmhouse in the country so I can relate to this post easily.

  7. How cute and nice is the farm Dawn :) nice that u get to see and spend time with Raffi u both look cute on the picture have a great week

    Mary Chicago il

  8. What a beautiful farm Dawn---what a blessing to have such a dear friend and a lovely place to visit. As Rafael gets older, he will love it more and more.



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