Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Easter

Nature gave us the gift of wild blossoming branches to hang our painted eggs from. We found them in the woods and they weren't hard to harvest...the lumberjacks had cut down an old flowering tree, and left it by the forest path.

Rafael had his first year he will be able to hunt for eggs.

The tiny fallen nest I found looked so sweet and cozy nestled in between the boughs.

Green is flourishing and the forest floor is frothy with wild white anemones.

Our village is bathed in sun here, but we are having our share of April showers, too. The plants are grateful.

My husband, pictured here in mid-air with his (exhausted) brother-in-law, has been enjoying outdoor workouts again, using whatever he finds. He jumps on and off tree stumps with both feet at the same time (harder than is looks), and does shoulder presses by lifting tree trunks.

Hope you are having a beautiful spring, or autumn, depending on where you are in the world.



  1. Dawn...I just love your new header....amazing what you find in your world!! I can't get over how big Rafeal is getting to be...what a sweet little boy he is!!


  2. Love the brown eggs with the white silhouettes. Did you make those? Adorable!


  3. lOVE lOVE lOVE your Easter table. Those flowers and that little nest look beyond beautiful together Dawn. And yes, I have the same question as Elise, did you paint those eggs? Very pretty! Actually, I like all the photographs you've shared here, of spring in your world.
    In my part of the world its summer!!!

  4. Gorgeous as always, darling Dawn! Rafael is just the cutest Easter Bunny in the world...and I so love your Easter decorations and new blog look. Austria in Spring...wild gentians & baby fawns. I can smell it & almost taste it! Much love to you all xxoo Rachel

  5. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful Easter and spring in your part of the world! Raffi will really enjoy hunting for eggs next year.



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