Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Begins

Spring takes me by surprise every year. It still baffles me that, within the stark, woody branches of the trees, new, green, tender life is waiting to burst forth. 

The frogs crawl out from their winter burrows and lay clusters of polka-dot eggs in the same little leaf-filled pond each spring. The birds are everywhere, filling the air with song, busy picking up little feathers, bits of hair, and dry grass for their nests. And all the tiny plants, with their webbed networks of roots underground, unfold delicate leaves and blossoms, without anyone throwing seeds or weeding around them. 

The beginning of a new season, transforming the world around me, is always so fascinating. I love paying attention to the little details and noticing the minute changes which take place every day.



  1. You always use the most delightful words to accompany your gorgeous photos. Its as though I was right there smelling those pine needles and hearing the crunching underfoot. Lovely! But there's something Ive been wanting to ask you for a long time - being the owner of 2 cavaliers myself. After your walks and their pouncing through the creeks and snow and woods do you need to bathe them before they can come back into your lovely white house. Your house always looks immaculate, so how do manage this with a baby to care for and two gorgeous exuberant dogs. I just love your energy and am so curious about this. Hope you dont mind me asking.

  2. Thank you for these sweet words! I do try hard to keep our home clean, especially since having Rafael. When he starts to crawl I will need to be even more careful about keeping the floor and furniture clean.
    How I clean the dogs after a walk really depends on the conditions of the path we walk on.
    In the picture you see above, Kiki got incredibly wet and muddy and then proceeded to roll in the dust, so she was filthy afterwards. But we always think, dogs need to get really dirty once in a while to be happy. :) After walks like that, the dogs get washed with baby shampoo. This happens about 5 or 6 times a year.
    If the dogs come home with very muddy paws and bellies, I wash only the paws and bellies.
    If they come home with a little dirt on their paws, I have learned to leave them be, because the wet paws after I have rinsed them tend to leave slightly brown paw print stains, whereas, if the dry dirt just drops off onto the couch, I can easily vacuum it up afterwards.
    I can highly recommend the little handheld Dyson:
    I use it every day to keep the upholstered furniture free of hair and dirt, as well as to snatch up those pesky Cavalier tumbleweed-like hair balls that collect in corners.
    I don't have to tell you how much work it is keeping a clean home with two Cavaliers...they shed so much fur! Sometimes I wonder how much simpler my life would be if I didn't have to clean up after them all the time. But, it's all worth it at the end of the day.
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Give your pups a little kiss on their snouts from Kiki and Boston!

  3. I do love how you are able to see the little things that make up a season! This year, spring came early in our neck of the woods, but all I am able to see is how miserable my allergies have been, I can't even appreciate sitting outside soaking all the green goodness, without starting a sneeze fest, so all this lovely pictures, minus the pollen sure make me enjoy spring a little more, thank you!

  4. Happy Spring to you!! This is Raffi's first Spring:). That is so exciting. I have no doubt that you'll show him all of the beauty that this season has to offer. Have a lovely weekend with your boys and pups:). xox, Blair

  5. Thanks for your beautiful words Dawn. I do know all about those tumbleweed fur balls they gather in and under the most obscure places. This summer was the first year I had both the dogs clipped, mainly because of how humid our weather gets and Jasper (our tri-colour) especially suffers with the heat, but as a side benefit I noticed a big difference in the hair shedding to hardly any. I can vacuum with my regular Dyson, which I do each day anyway and there is hardly any hair. As for washing, It sounds like we have a very similar routine, only ours is sand from the beach or dirt from the back garden. They will stand at the back door and wait for me to wipe their paws or belly, and I probably bathe them once a month unless they get very dirty from the beach. I like your suggestion of a handheld dyson though, might have to invest in one of those. Cuddles for your little gorgoeus boy, he has just the sweetest face.

  6. Isn't it interesting how tri-colours have very different hair than blenheims? Boston gets so many dread locks in his ears! We're cutting their hair very short as soon as it stays warmer.



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