Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rafael Turns 7 Months!

My little Rafael will never be a toothless tiny baby again. Permanent changes like that really hit home sometimes, and make me realize the I am slowly losing my tiny baby, forever, bit by bit. Of course, my tiny baby is being replaced by an amazing, intelligent, adorable, funny, expressive, curious little boy. But there are all of these little 'goodbyes' along the way, and I am still learning to get used to them. Maybe you never do.



  1. Oh my gosh, he is adorable!


  2. ahhh what sweetness! thank you for giving us glimpses of your many blessings! xoxo Kileah

  3. Actually Dawn, my youngest daughter is nearing graduation from vet school....yes, she will be a doctor; a dream come true!!

    Along with this, however, is a move...she wants to go on and get a PhD and will do so at a university in another state....

    I am happy, excited....yes thrilled and proud...but I want to hold on...hold on to the baby who is my daughter....a woman herself.

    yes, sometimes we never are able to let go....I think it's the mark of wonderful moms. I really do.

  4. Good morning everyone!
    If you get a chance, watch the viideo on Katrina Kenison's blog's homepage.....on just this subject! Raffi is the cutest little sweetheart! Xo

  5. Ahh bless Rafael with his new teeth! I have some friends who told me about this time in their baby's development and growth and how it conveniently coincided with breastfeeding weaning, I wonder why?!
    Much love xoxo

  6. My dad still asks 'What happened to my little girl?' and I'm going to be 30 next week...such is life I guess! :)

  7. happy 7 months sweetheart. There is so much to celebrate with each mile stone. I know you are enjoying it all Dawn.

  8. Dawn, he is beautiful! Yes, you will wonder where the time has gone one day!:( Time passes FAR too quickly! Make the most of every minute!

  9. It really is amazing how much they change in a year. Such an adorable boy you have!

    Hope everything is well,



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